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Has the squid image been doctored, or did it look that sinister to start with?

-- Simon (Simon@wretched.demon.co.uk), September 13, 1999



It's an interesting metaphysical point. All the Dark[2] images looked that disturbing *to me* at the time, but most visitors to the museum don't seem to notice how sinister it all is.

I recently read something somewhere, possibly in Wilde's De Profundis, about how the purpose of all art is to show to others the exact impression and emotional impact of a certain moment upon the artist... I'll track the quote and add it to the "thoughts" page.

A little girl with her family were standing by me near the baby skeleton's cabinet when I took the photos of it, and she was covering her eyes and crying. I turned & said, "It's all pretty scary, isn't it?" and her parents pulled her protectively away from me.

So, I guess the girl would answer that the pictures show exactly what the museum is like, whereas her parents would blame it all on my twisted mind.

(To answer your question entirely unimaginatively: as with the Light[2] pictures, I didn't fake or modify anything apart from colours & focus.)

-- Paul FR Hamilton (ph@innocent.com), September 14, 1999.

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