Old('70's) Shinohara turn-outs - how to wire

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I have an old code 70 layout NOT wired. It was built around 1979 My turn-outs do not match any of Alan's diagrams. The points, closure, and frogs are the same polarity. Since many are already in place should I just gap all 6 rails and power-route the turn-out by itself?

-- Chris Dante (m1919@cshore.com), September 13, 1999



Cut and issolate the frog (4 cuts) and power route the resulting frog with contacts on the switch throw mechanism. Replace the point throw bar with a PC Board tie bar and insulate the points from one another. Run a jumper wire from associated stock rails to each point/closure rail combination. That makes for a now "short resistant" turnout with solid connections to the running rails without dead spots. This will give superior performance and reliability. Yes, a lot of work - but worth the effort.

-- Ed McCamey (emccamey@cheerful.com), September 14, 1999.

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