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I was reading a thread yesterday about blacking out your windows for safty reasons. Then today I got to thinking about it in depth, and realized that there was a flaw in this reasoning. People will have candles, lanterns and such for their use. It will be normal. Homes with no lights might be taken as "no one Home! Let's go for it" Perhaps lights are better to be seen, rather than hidden. Just as today. "Turn on lights before you go away". Anyway, with lights on I can shoot better.

What do you think? p.s. my first submit ever--been here 2/99

-- Donna Gomes (, September 13, 1999


I agree with you Donna. Blackening the windows will also shut out the warmth of the sun. We will do as the Amish; get the chores done during the day and go to bed early. We have a Bajen non-electric wind up radio which will provide entertainment and information on the outside world.

Never burn open candles. Always use containers, even an old canning jar will do. Sit the candles in their containers in an oven-proof bowl that contains a little water. This is a fire prevention tip.

-- FOX (, September 13, 1999.

You won't shoot better with the lights on. They can then see you and you cannot see them. I agree however, that you should have some light from an oil lamp or candle. We have a 40 kw generator but you will never see lights on in the house at night from electricity. We will always run it during the day to get our clothes washed, meals cooked, etc. As far as anyone driving/walking by, all they will see is our oil lamps at night.


-- Taz (, September 13, 1999.

Right, Taz--the idea is to not let people know you have better-than-average lighting! If the bad guys see you have good lighting then it's not that great of a leap to reason that you also have plenty of food and other supplies.

-- Old Git (, September 13, 1999.

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