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After I figured out the number from the website, I got through on the first try and talked to a very nice young man. My free cd will be arriving in 7-10 days. Here is the number: 1-888-673-8925.

-- Carol (, September 12, 1999


I got mine two weeks ago. I call two months ago

-- Andre Coltrin (, September 12, 1999.

Ummmmm from a resident of the under a rock center, What MS Package???


-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 12, 1999.

Durn Chuck....if YOU don't know, how is a challenged person like me supposed to know? Is this CD going to patch my windows? What about my hard drive?

Taz...who hasn't yet mastered the key board.

-- Taz (, September 12, 1999.

I got the information from Gary North's site. I figured it was worth a shot, doesn't cost anything.

-- Carol (, September 12, 1999.


Go to:

for the freebie CD. OR go to:

This is a list of all MS products and their y2k compliance status.

Scroll down the menu to find the product(s) that you are interested in. Each product has a web site (you will be re-directed there) which will list the y2k status and any update patches available.

Example: From the above listing. Choosing Windows 95 will re-direct you to a listing of every version of Windows 95 that is in use. I then tagged

Windows 95 OSR 2.5, 4.00.1111 (English) - 32-Bit Win Compliant* which is at

Begin Microsoft quote from above listed site.

Product Details Microsoft released a software update for Windows 95 that addresses the known issues described below. To download the Windows 95 year 2000 Software Update, please click here.

To receive the Year 2000 Resource Center CD from Microsoft that will include this update, please click here, or in the US call 1-888-MSFT Y2k.

Windows 95 shipped with various versions of Internet Explorer. It is recommended to be on IE 4.01 SP1 or greater, including any software updates which are applicable. Please check the Year 2000 Product Guide for the version of Internet Explorer you have.

End Microsoft quote.

Or you can get the y2k analyzer available at:

which will work on SOME systems to show you what software you are running and it's y2k status. Read the page carefully before you download the analyzer. Not everyone can use it.

I hope that this answers your question.


-- sweetolebob (, September 12, 1999.

Will these windows patches work after a hurricane? Floyd is coming!!!

-- J (, September 12, 1999.

I got two year 2000 CD's from MS, dated Jan and Apr1999. I better request again to get the latest. Also got win98 y2k CD, but of course there is a 2nd win98 y2k update now. Use SP2 with IE4.01 or go with IE5. Hard to keep on top of all the fixes.

I am currently using the 08Aug99 compliance database (a txt file) with the Y2Kscan32.exe. I've noticed different versions of the database report compliance differently.

-- Cable_man (, September 12, 1999.

yes, taz, it will fix windows. you also get the Office patches and other goodies. the july update says that the NEXT quarterly update will fix 16-bit windows like windows 3.1, also. right now it's only windows 95 and up. if you get on the mailing list now, they will automatically mail you the next update when it becomes available.

-- jocelyne slough (, September 12, 1999.

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