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I often get hold of .mpg files which WinOncd won't accept when I want to burn a vcd.

I get the error: xxxx.mpg has an invalid muxer rate (3487) and is not suitable for Video CD.

the (3487) can be different numbers though.

How to solve this problem? I can't make a vcd with that mpg stream now! :((

thanx for your help!

-- Reza (, September 11, 1999


Dear, Video CD is governed by strict rules such as that defined in White Book. For example, total constant-bit rate is 172kB, and so on. WinOnCD, like many other VCD authoring software, always keeps constant tabs on the kind of .mpg files you throw at it and will never allow you to make a VCD if those .mpg files do not conform to White Book. The best you can do, as I see it, is you should take an application such as Darimvision's DVMPEG and re-encode those .mpg files you have to White Book-compliant files. This is the only way it can now burned to a legitimate VCD.

-- EMartinez (, September 13, 1999.

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