Local/Municipality Contingency Planning

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Local/Municipality Contingency Planning

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-- Jennifer Bunker (jen@bunkergroup.com), September 11, 1999


The Center for Year 2000 Community Action Plans (CYTCAP), Public Technology, Inc.(PTI), and Global Action Plan (GAP) are putting together a national training program for local officials concerning municipal contingency planning. The Center for Y2K & Society is also working with us, including a national mailing soon that announces this training program and includes the Y2K Community Report Card developed by the Center.

The training program will consist of several national dial-in telephone conference calls where CYTCAP, PTI, and GAP will present a series of Y2K planning seminars intended to encourage and assist local officials to either begin or adequately complete contingency plans (that includes neighborhood/household outreach). This will be followed or accompanied by a series of state-by-state regional training sessions by conference calls hosted by state associations of local government or other interested state organizations. The latter will provide the opportunity for peer-to-peer discussions, conversations with Y2K planning experts, and Q&A.

The teleconferences will be supplemented with on-line communication forums such as a training listserv and bulletin board for participants. The on-line forums will provide the ability of local officials to ask questions before or after training sessions, to discuss training with one another, as well as with training experts.

The training sessions will take place during October and perhaps early November. We are revising our web site to include information about the training program and for indicating an interest for participating. The web site changes should be completed within two weeks(www.center4y2k.com). Additional information can be obtained by calling (703)642-9625 (Charles Griffiths or Sara Daleski), or by calling (202)841-4722. E-mail: washdir@center4y2k.com.

-- Charles Griffiths (washdir@center4y2k.com), September 15, 1999.

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