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A recent thread listed information to purchase KI in bulk granular form through San Jose Scientific and also listed a number they can be reached at. If anyone can assist me in finding that thread again or reposting vital info on KI it would be helpful. I've spent the better part of last few hours and am either missing it or not looking in right spot. Blessings to all......

ps: We live in a very small community who refust to get it it seems - we would like to purchase 5lbs of bulk and have it available if the need arrises - bulk would allow us to treat more for less but my non-tablet form brings many more concerns to rise: Dosing, distribution, etc....Any ideas or suggestions you could share would be helpful....

-- Thats Me (, September 10, 1999


Be careful. I'm told that the reason you use tablets is because the powdered stuff burns all the way down.

-- Dave (, September 11, 1999.

Received execellent service though this URL


Hope this helps!

-- Tommy Rogers (Been There@Just a, September 11, 1999.

Here's an old thread on this...

-- Mumsie (, September 12, 1999.


-- farmer (, September 12, 1999.

Thanks to you all for posting in response to my question - Is way kool how this deal works to benefit us all - Many blessings to each and every one of you.

-- Thats Me (, September 12, 1999.

The number farmer listed above sells potassium iodide for $24.95 for a quarter lb. You can pay by credit card and they will ship it out that day. Shipping costs around four dollars.

The Thyro block product referred to above is also potassium iodide. It contains fourteen tablets of 130 mg. each.

-- Mumsie (, September 15, 1999. and also

See also threads and and and of course and the source item # POT590 125g for $53.oo and 500g for $108.oo + shipping reagent grade purity 99.0%.

Note that a pound of KI is about 3500 doses, so since 1/2 a kilo is a bit over a pound so that's less than $0.05 a dose. See for details.

Dave: "Burns all the way down."? Where in the world did you get this idea? Now, yes, it tastes horrible. But it ain't supposed to be competition for a Butterfinger bar.

All: P.S. Only mix up the amount of saturated solution that you need. It won't spoil or anything, but it will "crystal creep" and you'll have fine white powder over everything if you don't stopper it up good and tight.

-- Ken Seger (, September 16, 1999.

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