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Howdee all! I been a lurker here since I GI in early March. My thanks to all of the regular posters who have kept me updated and informed.(you know who you are :) Although at times it has been more amusement than info... excuse me for finding humor in DWGI misery. Anyway, I think that CNN has made a major move forward in the media world IMHO. I am link impaired so check out:

This is probably a pretty bold statement for any news agency to put up on their main page, don't ya think? At least maybe it could help someone along in their preps at this late date.

Okay, maybe I will shut up now and it's okay to tell me that it was a dumb post. Thanks for listening... BTW is there any board/chat in place where we can all watch things unfold on 12/31 ?

-- Cass (, September 09, 1999


There is a chat room open six nights a week (not on Friday) from 10:30 to ??? PDT (or Standard as the case may be). Good people....not alot of hype, just good information and sharing going on. I am on webtv and access the chat room by going to Talk City and then into "room known" and put in surviving_y2k. I don't know about computers but I am sure there is a way because many of the regulars are on puters. Join us anytime...I have been going there about a year and have learned all kinds of good thing. Yes, we (the regulars) in the room plan on being there for the big new years 'party'. I find it interesting to chat with people from all over...US, Canada, Africa and Europe. Hope to see you there Cass.

-- Old Gramma (, September 09, 1999.

To which statement are you referring, Cass?

I see mention of the "end of life as we know it" or "overblown paranoia". Y2K is not an either/or situation confined to the extreme possibilities.

Thanks for the post.

-- Lane Core Jr. (, September 09, 1999.

Old Gramma...I went to Talk City, but didn't see "room unknown" I did a search find for "surviving_y2k but couldn't find anything.

Did I miss something?


-- quietly (, September 09, 1999.

Was this what you meant Cass?

Experts: Sky may not be falling, but prepare for a storm

Mostly its the same old stuff. We USED to think it was going to be a BIG problem, but thanks to hard work now it will be just a short-term problem. But THIS is interesting:

""We don't have winter storms in California, so we're telling people in Los Angeles to prepare as they would for an earthquake, by getting together several days to a few weeks worth of supplies," said Frank Martinez, executive director of the city's Year 2000 Project Office.

"Our main message is that you should do that preparation today," he added."

And this.. about a Senate report.. is just shy of reassuring:

"While the report cited a low probability of an accidental nuclear weapons launch, it added that missile systems and high-tech weapons in other countries could malfunction. It also raised the concern that terrorists might strike, to take advantage of any confusion that might occur due to the Y2K bug."

Nice links at the end of the article:

R eport by Special Senate Committee on the Year 2000 Problem.... The Rogue Valley Y2K Task Force Web site.... City of Los Angeles Year 2000 Project Office Web site

-- Linda (, September 09, 1999.

"GartnerGroup, a consulting firm, estimates that Venezuela and Saudi Arabia (two of the largest exporters of oil to the United States) are 12 to 18 months behind the United States in their Y2K-compliance efforts"

"Prepare as for a storm."

"Prepare as for a storm."

"Prepare as for a storm"... and park your car in your garage for the next 18 months.

-- Not Again! (, September 09, 1999. will have to forgive me...abit slow these days. Better instructions are in order. Go to Talk City and then go down to "Enter a chat room whose name you already know". Press enter and then type in 'surviving_y2k'. I should have said 10:30 p.m. to ??...most of us work and have families so we get to share and talk at night (I'm just a night owl). Hope to see you soon.

-- Old Gramma (, September 09, 1999.

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