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My sometime discussion forum called Beyond 2000 is still up and running. It received some decent traffic early...then at the beginning of this year fell into disuse as I had computer problems, and got disgusted with the amount of noise posted there.

It is available for any folks who want to discuss our world beyond the cataclysm that could be Y2K. Aside from that it is a good place to discuss how to navigate the changes in our world...or post ideas about making our world better. I know flagrant idealism is passe', but it's part of who I am....

If you've a mind to, and don't plan to come and flame like bozos, (I will delete non-topical posts)...come to (and read back thru the archives for our original intent):

Beyond 2000 Discussion

--She in the sheet upon the hill insisting on creativity and vision.

-- Donna (, September 09, 1999


One assumes that you have found Humpty Dumpty??? or linked at



-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 10, 1999.

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