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one year ago, TitanicShack lost George Haverstrom. he left on september 5, 1998. his biography, which i wrote, was deleted a long time ago because i included his address. i just thought i would mark this date, just like so many are marked on this messageboard. looking back, because it was a whole year ago, what are your thoughts on what went on?

-- a person (, September 09, 1999


I'm sure you would like to know, "a person".

My theory is that "George" was a fraud and the various posts by "a contributor", "a person", George's father and his valet, etc. were all posted by the same person. But I've been known to be paranoid - frankly I'm surprised that my power is still on today since it's now 9/9/99. Good thing - otherwise I wouldn't be able to Contribute this...

-- Dalton (, September 09, 1999.

your wrong

-- someone else (, October 14, 1999.

Now, Dan, I know for a fact that not ALL of the posts from George and his "people" were the same person. Do you remember his valet's mother's doctor's cousin's great grandfather's dog walker? I seriously think he was for real!

-- Misty (, January 21, 2000.

dalton was correct. i may choose to reveal myself at a later time. for now, let's just say that dalton was correct.

-- update man (, February 23, 2001.

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