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Thursday September 9, 1:40 PM

No FT? Printing gremlins delay issue

LONDON, Sept 9 - Britain's leading business daily, Pearson Plc's Financial Times, failed to hit early news stands early on Thursday but the paper said it was nothing to do with the date.

"We finished printing at 6.45 am (0545 GMT) this morning because we had several technical problems," a spokeswoman for the FT's circulation department said.

But asked if the technical problems were related to the date, 9/9/99, she said she thought the fault had been a mechanical one in the printing machines.

Thursday's date had been seen by some computer experts as a dress rehearsal for the Year 2000 calendar switch.

The 9/9/99 date is used by some older computers systems as a signal to shut down.

-- Homer Beanfang (, September 09, 1999


good one. thanks. you know what--this would be the perfect type of ironic "justice" for the media organizations.

-- t (, September 09, 1999.

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