what irks the shit out of you?

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I've just gone on and on about my coworker and my dream of inflicting pain on him.

What do you find so annoying that you could induce harm on someone for?

-- Anonymous, September 09, 1999


There's this guy in my neighborhood who's . . . how can I put this delicately . . . he's mentally retarded, OK? Now, I don't just mean that he's kinda dumb and I don't like him, I mean, he's literally retarded, goes to a special school, rides the short bus, etc. He's 20 years old, but he talks as though he's in kindergarten, no exaggeration. He thinks everyone is his "friend", and he can't tell when someone's making fun of him. Unfortunate.

Anyway, almost every day I run into this guy. He says "Hi Lara", and I say hi just to be polite. He frequently takes this as an invitation to make a pass at me or ask me out. The first time he asked me, I said, and I quote, "No thanks, I don't like you that way." I didn't lie and tell him I was busy or anything. That got me off the hook for a little while. Since then he's phoned me at least ten times over a period of about 3 months (he found my number in the phone book), each time asking me out "on a date", each time me responding with "no, I'd rather not", shown up at my house so many times I've lost count, and generally just made me want to run and hide every time I see him. He won't let up. He just keeps asking me out, and he doesn't even say anything like "Please, I know you said you don't like me but just give me a chance", he just asks me out as if we haven't been through that shit already. Last time I ran into him he proudly informed me that he'd just gotten his driver's license. His driver's license, for chrissake. I hope he gets into a fatal car accident.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 1999

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