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One computer system out of a million has a problem(to what degree, who know's) with so called 99 "indicator" dates. One computer system in a million DOESN'T have(or had, if it's corrected) a problem with the date field flipping to 00's. Do the math IDIOT's, it's the y2k problem not the year before y2k problem.

It's funny how a couple of opiniated "experts" decree that theese "indicator" dates will cause problems and all the polly-heads just latch right on. On the other hand about 100 times the number of experts, from the UN to the IEA to the CIA, etc, say the YEAR 2000 rollover will cause trouble, and the pollies say: "your lyin' your just in cahoot's with the doomers. Wait, no, YOU are a doomer. Your ALL doomers, I'm drowning in a sea of doomers. Hey, why you gov. dudes building all theese y2k command centers. Your all doomers, were running low on tinfoil. What a world. What a world. I'm melting."

Flame on. I gotta get coffee.

-- CygnusXI (, September 09, 1999


Rock on Cygnus, rock on. The funniest post I've seen today. 'cuz it's so true and so sad -HAHAHAhahaha.....oh, sorry

-- Brent James Bushardt (, September 09, 1999.

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