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I just recieved my order from Sieger's Seed Company. Very fast response, though they were sold out of two items. They are geared towards bulk buyers. (Want carrot seeds by the pound?) But have smaller quantities available for some seeds. Many types of open pollinated too, though not all types. (All the corn, peas, & beans are hybrid.)

We already had our seeds for next year on hand, I just got more as back-up. The buy was too good to pass up. 20 pounds of beans plus smaller quantities of many other seeds for under $100.

You'll need an acrobat reader to use the online catalog.

-- Steve Hartzler (, September 08, 1999


This advice may not help everybody but it seems that the growing season is considered over, and Yr. "99 seeds are being discounted in some stores. I just came from my independent Co-op where they were offering Burpee packets for $.09 (nine cents) each.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), September 08, 1999.

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