#src9912952085. My Green Card printed wrong my date of birth. The correct date is on Nov 16th, 1971 not 11/15/71 How can I correct that? I call to phone#214-381-1423 wait for long time but never get response. I sent a request to local INS in Seattle, but I didn't here any feedback. Please help me

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How I can my date of birth on the Green Card. My correct date is on Nov. 16th, 1971. Not 11/15/71 My receipt # SRC9912952085 Please e-mail or send a letter to help me correct the information above My address. Luu, Phuoc Quang 3911 Cambridge Ct, Kent, WA 98032

-- Luu, Phuoc Quang (huynhlk@aol.com), September 08, 1999

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