What miracle pill would you create?

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Is there any thing that you would want to change in your life with a miracle pill?

-- Anonymous, September 08, 1999


I am honored you mentioned my "pill" rant. I would just like a pill that would give you....peace of mind, independence, security, happiness and stability. Is that too much to ask?

-- Anonymous, September 08, 1999

I need a pill that would give me more people skills. I get nervous as hell around people I meet in person (unless I've known them for a really long time), and as a result I often act "distant" or cold toward people when I'm meeting them for the first time. In fact, I often hear that certain people who've met me are actually intimidated by me (although how a five-foot-two girl who gets the shakes whenever she has to speak in front of people could be intimidating, I have no idea). So I'd like a pill that would make it easy to just turn on the charm and talk to people without feeling my blood pressure rise. That would be cool.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 1999

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