Y2K Concerns for Women

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To my Y2K friends, I had a few minutes and decided to check out the y2kwomen web site; specifically, the Discussion Group. I was flabbergasted to find the following categories were listed and I hadn't really taken any of this into consideration. I mean, I had no idea that Y2K would be a special concern to me as a woman. I figured, if y2kwomen is covering it, it must be important and I didn't know if I should be worried or not. But why isn't Gloria Steinem covering it? Was it covered in Cosmo? -- Female Concerns During Y2K

-- Concerns for the Single Women Both categories encompass the requisite sub-topics. The first one includes one called "Menopause". As I will be turning 40 in January 2000, should I worry if menopause will hit me early because of the Y2K bug? Or does it mean I won't have to worry about it because of the Y2K bug? How can you tell if menopause is Y2KOK? In addition, will PMS be affected by the Y2K bug? Is it Y2PMSOK? The category, "Concerns for the Single Women" has me, well, a bit concerned. Does this mean that I will stay single because of Y2K? Or does it mean that I'll have to hook up with someone because of Y2K? And if I have to hook up with a Y2K guy, how can I tell if he's Y2KOK? Are there any obvious indicators I should look for? Do you know where I can find Y2K personal ads? I really need to know so I can prepare for any eventuality. I mean, there are less than four months left and no one knows what's gonna happen. If I'm going to experience Y2K menopause, I need to see my doctor. If I have to hook up with a Y2K guy, I need to start the arrangements now. If I am to remain Y2K single, then I need to only half-prepare. Naturally, I turned to you because I knew you'd have the answers. Anxiously awaiting your wisdom.

-- Concerned (Y2KWom@n.org), September 08, 1999

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