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From the Omaha World Herald, 9-5-99, page 1: "Many to Ring In The New Year At The Office."

"First National's contingency plan -- which Irwin hopes is never used -- calls for employees to physically carry needed information between branch locations. So last year, workers got a memo advising them not to skip town."

If computers/power/phone lines are down, one wonders what kind of information those First National employees will be rushing branch to branch with? And will they also be scurrying from state to state and country to country with their empty boxes? Maybe they'll be doing this just to appear compliant??


-- J Werner (, September 07, 1999


Until their tanks run dry that is..... :)

-- (cannot-say@this.time), September 07, 1999.

Wow, the return on SneakerNet!

SneakerNet Two, the return...

-- OddOne (, September 07, 1999.

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