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n a previous thread Lars asked how can the handicapped prepare. I advised him to ask for help. If he is type A like me, asking for help might be difficult. Until 2 yrs ago, when a disability hit me, I worked with th mentally disabled. As a kid I was in Civil Air Patro for years. I'm used to giving not taking or asking for help, but now my fears outweigh my usual nature. Y2K has already happened to me. It's a good thing I have suplies because I'm gonna need em. I've had a relapse of my illness, with little to no chance for recovery. Also I'm single and not on disability, wih liitle chance of getting it. My problem is one of housing. I currently live on a boat the bank owns. Hence when I declare bankruptcy that boat will go away. _____So I'm looking for a large cast off to live aboard.____ Life aboard a boat is very cheap, especially if you moor out. It's the cheapest way I can keep it together. I need something large enough to hold my supplies, which are considerable. (Thank God). I know there are alot of junkers out there cheap, but haven't the funds to get them, so I'll reemphsize "cast off". Thanks for listening, and may God bless, Tim

-- Tim Johnson (, September 07, 1999


Tim, if you declare bankruptcy, you get to keep $30K equity in your homestead. Usually this applies to a house, but you may be able to keep your boat as your homestead. Check with a bankruptcy attorney to be sure. Good Luck, I hope you can find something decent, and also hope you get better.....

-- (, September 07, 1999.

Tim, I hope someone helps. Best of luck. (I hate to ask people to help me, too.)

-- Mara Wayne (, September 07, 1999.

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