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On the way to work this morning I heard this really bizarre Y2K was sponsored by one of our local computer hardware/software stores. I still don't understand what their point was in hosting this ad. It went like this approx......

---There are so many misconceptions about y2k that we wanted to share some facts with you regarding the banking industry. The banking industry is in very good shape with regards to Y2K with over 99% of all institutions Y2K ready. There are only a fraction of the companies that are not totally ready and even these institutions expect to be ready on time. The government is concerned that some depositors may not have complete confidence in their banking institution and therefore are printing large sums of money to ensure that there will be cash for everyone who decides that they want to withdraw their funds thus ensuing there is no need to panic. Government agencies, however, are nowhere near as ready for Y2K as the banks are. You can draw your own conclusions about what this means to you.-------------

I found this ad to be extremely weird........basically, banks good, money safe, extra cash, governments not the math......

This was aired on our local station in Alberta, Canada. Anyone else hear anything like this in their area?

-- Craig (, September 07, 1999


The first time I heard from the banks that they were Y2K OK I was happy.

The second time I heard this from them I was happier still.

The third time I heard this I no longer was concerned.

The fourth time I heard it I was confused.

The fifth time I heard it, and this time the message was not even from a banking organization, I became concerned.

The sixth time I heard the assurances that banking was Y2K OK, I was feeling deeply troubled.

The seventh time I heard this, I took all my money out of the bank.

For all my life I have never heard constant reassurances from the banks that they had my money. For example, I never heard once in 1999 that they had plenty of money, and that there would be no year 1999 problem.

Now they tell me not to worry, and if there is a problem, it's the fault of all those withdrawing money. So, I think, the banks are concerned with people withdrawing all their money. IF the banks are so concerned, then I should be too. I'm taking the banks lead, and I want to be first in line to take my money out.

-- Spanky (nospam@spamme.not), September 07, 1999.


Considering where you are at I find that very strange. Nothing at all like that down here and I listen to Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle stations regularly. Only Y2K adds on the radio.

There isn't even much of an indication of Canadians worrying about such a thing.

Poking around the Government websites and I noticed that the Gov. agencies have run tests with the banks to transfer funds and no problems found. (The sites were not for public consumption.) Revenue Canada and the Treasury are world leaders in Y2K. Would they be thinking about the Alberta Government??

Here is an anouncement from the banks in regards to their readiness.

 CBA: Speech - Canada's Banks: Y2K Ready

Although while I have your attention Craig, what do you think about this? The web site says that it was posted May 31, but it must be older than that.


Base Plans Y2K Drill
 The Edmonton Sun

  The year 2000 could be coming early to 4 Wing Cold Lake.

  The head of a team checking out the Y2K computer bug wants to turn the
  internal clocks in as many computers as possible at the base forward to 2000
  next month.

  Bob Cowden, the base's Y2K project officer, plans to simulate power cuts and
  brown-outs at the base as well.

  "We know blackouts and brownouts are going to happen, so we want to
  develop our contingency plans," he explained. "The emergency generators may
  not be able to meet the energy demands and people will have to look at what
  they need to turn off."

  The base's sewage plant and its computer links with other bases will also be

  Cowden and his team have worked with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure
  any internal computer clocks advanced for the sake of the exercise can be
  turned back after it's over.

  The date of the Y2K simulation has still to be finalized but Cowden is planning
  for the last week in April.

  Experts at the Edmonton Garrison are also planning a major test of equipment
  for Y2K compatibility.

-- Brian (, September 07, 1999.

Nothing makes me want to run for the door faster than someone who stands up and sez, "don't panic."

-- coprolith (, September 07, 1999.

I just don't understand. First people say the banking industry is too tight lipped about their preparedess and safety of deposits. Now we are saying too much??? I have a pretty good feeling that no matter what we've done or what we say, depositors will do whatever they feel most comfortable doing - as they should. I just wish I knew how to play by the rules - It's tough when the rules keep changing.

-- Diana (, September 07, 1999.

Diana, nice to see you're still posting. You must be a lurker! Don't be shy.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 07, 1999.

Lurking and listening.

-- Diana (, September 08, 1999.

... and mudwrestling, perhaps??

-- King of Spain (, September 08, 1999.

Brian -

Do you ever listen to KOMO1000 in Seattle? I and several friends have noticed in the last month or so that they are running FEMA ads at least two or three times during the day which state you need to be ready for any emergency like an earthquake with preparations for you and your family. Recommending at least a 3 to 5 day supply of food and water. Contact FEMA at 1-800-???? for an information booklet on preparing for emergencies.

Just thought this rather curious because I've listened to KOMO for years and never heard this until just recently.

-- Valkyrie (, September 09, 1999.


Nice to see you stil spend time here in the swamp with the rest of us. Part of the problem is that, at this late date, without having had any substantial, substantiated good news, many people will not beleive y'all. the other part of thereason is the pervasive level of spin and flat untruth being issued form the powers that be.

Sorry about the way it is but....


-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 09, 1999.

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