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In reading the posts I often run into acronyms used - could an ol timer please take a moment to fill in the new kid and others new to the neighborhood. The one most recently mentioned was DWGI - Thanks for takin the time to fill me in...

-- New Kid on the Block (, September 06, 1999


Here are some:
DWGI Don't Wanna Get It
GI Get It
DGI Don't Get It
BITR Bump In The Road

-- ME (ME@X.COM), September 07, 1999.


GI - a person who " gets it", also, the highest form of intelligent life you will ever see on this or any other forum (on this planet anyway.)

DGI - "don't get it", there are still a few of those types out there, but there ranks are dwindling fast.

DWGI - "don't want to get it", these are the folks to look out for. They got there 401K's, SUV's, corporate jobs, golf, to hold onto, don't confuse them with the facts, however, watch out for these brainiacs if they ever do wake up, for they have the most money to spend but also the most to lose, so, you'll get run over as they try to get what you want!!! G.I. ???

Mudwrestling - a full body contact sport that you will be doing with K.O.S. either before or after the rollover if your female and lather up well. He seems to like the smarter of the G.I.'s but probably isn't picky at this late date!!!

Polly - one who just thinks all is well, no problemo, wears Gucci loafers in his Bimmer while driving to the beachhouse to suck up some Latte', afterwards boots up and rails on all the doomers on the TB2K site for not believing in the American dream of eternal prosperity and stock market euphoria!!

Hoarding - not a term used on this forum, replaced with this phrase: establishing and implementing a forward looking resource acquisition and storage paradigm !!

This list is a start. There will be others to add to it and fine tune accordingly.

-- LTGI (, September 07, 1999.

Acronyms Defined

-- bw (home@puget.sound), September 07, 1999.

Late to get on this, but I've been wondering about some of the 'signatures.' Like the "watch six and ... " Anyone?

-- winter wondering (, September 08, 1999.

Watch six - watch your back...

IMHO - in my humble opinion

IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion

TSHTF - the "stuff" hits the fan...

TEITRAH - The excretia impacts the rotating air handler...

-- Mad Monk (, September 08, 1999.

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