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While we as individuals can only do so much to get our families ready for y2k we can do a lot more by volunteering our time and talent to help local G.I Churches and shelters set up community y2k emergency food depots. Since these organizations are 501 (c ) 3 corporations for tax deductable food donations purposes, a few phone calls can greatly increase your communities y2k resilence. Also creating a flyer for those who live in warmer climates to get our whole community planting y2k victory gardens a couple of months before the rollover. Explain the benifits of doing it if the what if fails are you ready concept. Also for warmer climates a fruit & food exchange club for homeowners who have fruit trees can exchange fruit for other food and material stuffs locally produced. We need to talk to all churches and shelters in the communities in which we live to see who will participate with providing space and volunteers to set up emergency feeding centers should y2k require it. Almost every one in the county live a few minutes drive time from a church,shelter or school of some type, see if they are open for participating and receiving donated supplies for this type of program. It is still possible to make a difference. Creating a community safety net just requires effort and love.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation . com), September 06, 1999


Good luck Mike, we have been trying for the past few years to organize a public relief effort. If you are not a well known large agency, then it is very hard to convince anyone that your intentions are honorable. If you do suceed contact me. We have 80+tons of relief that needs a home. These supplies were purchased with private funds, and therefore can be disposed of at our discretion. We should make our decision on the abandonment of our organization soon. It seems like people would rather save a Whale, than a child!. My best to you, Joyce Sullivan- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency, #81 Tyndall Lane Maysville,NC.-28555

-- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency,inc. (, September 07, 1999.

To: Bob, and Mike. My Email is down for now, Bob I recieved part of your message, and the rest was lost in La La Land. Would either of you be interested in a co-op?. We have at our disposal a huge amount of stores, plus we are a nonprofit inc. We will have $50.000.+ - at the end of Sept. I have located three locations, one is West of Houston, it is ready to move into. It is a fallout shelter built in the 80s. It will shelter 1,200 persons. it is 40,000 sq ft. It is complete with hospital, operating room, jail, mess area. It even has all the fixtures intact(including body bags). It is on 36 acres of high ground. The cost to build in the 80s was 15million, it can be bought for 1.4 million. The next is South of Dallas Tex., and it would have to be re-worked, but would still be a great deal at $330,000. We would donate everything we have to the co-op. If interested email me, maby it will go through this time. Sincerely, Walter Bright, Cross And Crescent inc.

-- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency,inc. (, September 08, 1999.

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