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I would like to know some things about the omega d4 enlarger. It's difficult to find information about this model (I find on the web about d, d2, d3 and d5 and something of the d6). Why? Doesn't it a good enlarger? (like the famous d2V, I mean) Age? Alignment capabilities? Opinions about the AF system? Problems? What's the real max. neg. size of the d4? (model d is 6-3/8"). Lensboards (tubes), neg. carriers, condenser head are compatible between d and d4, perhaps with d5? Perhaps somebody knows the MPP 5x7 enlarger. It looks so similar than the d4, how does it works? MPP vs D4? The same questions of the above. I will be very pleased to read your opinions. Thanks.

-- jose angel (, September 06, 1999

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