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I am 77 years old. I have had an Angioplasty in 1984. I am under the care of a Cardiologist Still have concerns as to the out come of the this surgery Vs heart. I will ask my Cardiologist the same questions, but feel I need other input. I have arthritis in most of my joints to some degree. Excessive use gives pain. Is there alternative measures ie: What?

I thank you for any information.

EDC ECamp1136@aol.com

-- Edwin D. Campbell (ECamp@aol.com), September 06, 1999


Specific outcome in a given patient is a measurement of risk vs benefit. This can only be done in the context of a full history and physical. Under normal circumstances neither your age nor your bypass surgery are significant negatives against a good outcome for a total knee replacement. As far as alternatives are concerned, They can only be assessed in the context of a full evaluation

-- David Hungerford, MD (dhunger@jhmi.edu), September 07, 1999.

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