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Just thought of another interesting issue that those of us who are GI's might want to mull over. After reading Sheila's E-Light question I remembered a similar situation in my house during a blackout. I currently am living in the 'burbs, and during a storm, (hi-winds, other such unpleasantness) we had the typical power-outtage so common to a bad storm. After many barked shins, stepped on cats, and a pissed off dog, I managed to locate my Chem-Light supply and cracked two green ones. These being my prefered choice as an oil/gas lantern is dangerous with my curious 18 month old son running loose. I went out into my backyard to check the surrounding neighborhood, and town. I walked up my hill, went 300+/- m. from the house and saw the whole town was blacked out. An impressive site to say the least. Only car headlights, emergency vehicles,...and lo and house, and about two or three other with visible light streaming like the proverbial beacon in the darkness. Now it struck me as this is a BAD thing...I am a military man to those of you who have seen my postings before, and in the Army, they stress NOISE and LIGHT discipline. I think a lot of you fellow GI's have to realize that if things do hit the fan, and in your eagerness to show how well prepared you are, you might be overlooking the "Come into the light...."factor that if you Illuminate your A.O. Just realize if there is no power, and there is no light, refugees (and those in charge of evacuation) are going to be drawn to your hideaway like a moth to a candle. My plans now include a nice thick flat black latex paint with a small peephole on the windows for my 'lit' part of the house. I'd rather trade one blind spot in the 4point defense of the dwelling than have every know "Here be Light!" Think WWII blackout conditions. And those of you in the country, living 'way out in the middle of nowhere...light travels incredible distances on a dark night...The same with noise. Those of us lucky enuff to have generators...has anyone figured out a way to REALLY dampen the noise one of those monsters make? I only have a 2.5kW small workhorse, but man...Louder'n hell. Just aware people...unless you want to be turning away every DGI family who feels that its their right to come and have a share of your shelter...

-- Billy-Boy (, September 06, 1999


Jeez. Where do you people come from?

-- Bad Company (, September 06, 1999.


I think it would be essential data if you had a good count of the number of moth-people who streamed to your lighted house during this blackout. Just to give you a feel for what you might be facing in the future. I know we've had blackouts around here of a day or more with no such thing happening. But maybe after a week? Maybe someone who's been through a Great Ice Storm or other extended blackout has some counts?

-- Flint (, September 06, 1999.

This rube is going to feel more stupid than usual when people start asking him in February why his windows are painted black. Tinfoils, always good for a laugh....

-- Y2K Pro (, September 06, 1999.

To Y2K pro and BC, I just happen to live in N.E, in New Hampshire to be exact, and during the Big One of 78, my nieghborhood was without water food or electricity for over a month.Those of us fortunate enuff to have houses run on natural gas provided for the others because there was still a sense of community out there. The Gaurd had to chopper in pallet of food to us for god sake! Ignorance and refering to people by names puts you in the unique area of being those who if things do go badly, then in the times if you are in an overcrowded shelter waiting meekly to recieve your ration, you'll sit back and go "Gee...I wonder whut'll happen next?" Flint I got the "Been there done it" T-Shirt on deployments to Haiti, Somalia, and other such wonderful places like Rwanda. If people think it can't happen here, then they are the TRUE DGI. A cold and hungry man reverts to primitive man awfully quick...especially if his children are in danger...

-- Billy-Boy (, September 06, 1999.

Not all neighborhoods, and not all neighbors, are the same. But how can you tell, ahead of time?

-- Tom Carey (, September 06, 1999.


Y2K Pro = moth

check six

-- (, September 06, 1999.


I'm trying to work on that sense of community myself. I have enough food for my neighbors, enough space to keep them warm. And they know they're welcome if they need to come by. Also, I've been careful to include some crack shots in this community! In extremis, what we're offering isn't totally free -- you must contribute to its defense. And there are limits.

-- Flint (, September 06, 1999.


Good point. Ignore the trolls. I've had the same concern for some time. I have a generator and have been very concerned that if things got bad, that everyone within two miles of my house will say to themselves, "Someone prepared ahead of time. Let's go over and see what else he's got."

I also agree that those who prepare the least will be the earliest and the loudest complainers, and they will believe that those who were responsible enough to prepare ahead of time "owe" them something.

-- Clyde (, September 06, 1999.

I think it's time Flint realized he has GIed.

-- Mara Wayne (, September 06, 1999.

Good post Billy. I hadn't thought of that until you mentioned it. My neighborhood recently had a severe storm which knocked out power for 4 hours. The neighbors were all out in the street looking up and down, this way and that like a bunch of lost souls. I on the other hand broke out my supply of 15 hour votive candles (these puppy's and the 7 day jobs can be had for 1 dollar for pack of ten or 1 dollar each for the 7 day jobs at you local grocer) and kicked back with a good read.

They didn't get it then, and they ain't gonna get it soon.....thanks for the post.

-- gordon (, September 06, 1999.

Billy Boy,

Yes I noticed the same thing during our last black out. I was the only house in 3mi. that had lights.

I have set the generator so that it only comes on if I turn it on. It used to come on when loss of power was sensed. Of interest it also gets very quiet. The gen. can be heard from about 300 yds. away but not much further (but I have a very very quiet gen set.)

The wife suggested black out cloth for the windows and I bought a whole bolt of the stuff and set up velcro around the windows and on the cloth so easy to put up if necessary. Even the Kero lights can be seen for miles. (I can't run the gen set forever and really only use it for pumping water from the well.)

The moths will not come immediately, only when they get really hungry and cold. But you don't want to have any lights on by then.

I will help neighbors, but I can't help everyone within 3mi. of me.

-- LM (, September 06, 1999.


Power out-Gas out-water out-food gone!

The day any and or all of these happen for a significant amount of time to get the neighbors even the ones around me even the slightest bit panicky.

I take my Rifle and just sit out in front of my house for a couple days, just enough time to let my neighbors see me.

Just sitting there quietly,vigilantly,watching and hopefully sending an important message!! Just for a couple days!! then I go back inside.

-- David Butts (, September 06, 1999.

Just a'settin' and a'rockin' on your porch -- lettin' everybody know how gnarly you can be--

What a target for some even gnarlier yahoo out there with his varmint rifle and a telescopic sight.

-- Tom Carey (, September 06, 1999.

Mr. Carey,

I take it you don't agree!?

Honestly can't think of anyone in my neighborhood who fits your description for my immiment danger in the FIRST few days of.....

-- D.B. (, September 06, 1999.

Sorry, D.B., let me answer for Mr.Carey. It all reminds me of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. This tough talk, intermingled with the apocalyptic visions of our society gone down the's all huge fun. I won't get into a pissing contest with you or anyone else with regards to where I have been or members of my family have been during tough times, but this has about as much to do with the real world as Fantasy Island.

And you'll have to pardon me, and the other, hack, cough, 'trolls' that have taken the original posting to task here. It's depressing that such an 'everyman for himself' stance exists during the time of possible hardships. The resiliency of mankind at the end of hardships like floods, wars, hurricanes and tornadoes has always been linked to those willing to lend a hand to unfortunate souls hit hard. (Yes, I have some experience here.)

Occasional posts like Billy-Boy's only serve to shock me back into reality. I have seen the enemy...and he is us.


-- Bad Company (, September 06, 1999.

Billy-Boy...relax..After all how are we who live in the wilderness, get resupplied...Thats wright, all them flat landers who expect to get into there new RVs fully stocked with all kinds of goodies, gold Eagles, AR-15s, ammo, etc. Were do they think there going to go when the toilet dont work any more. They will be heading north, thank god for that wonderful infra-structure, bringing them to the town line were being duly otherised I will of-coarse have to stop them and check for contra-ban, and after releaving them of all of that hoarded material, I will be glad to escourt them behond my town limits. After all our town has very little resources. One Shot/ One K

-- Les (, September 06, 1999.

where is a good source for chem lights?

-- a mom (, September 06, 1999.

Bad Company,

Actually I could not be more of a spiritual creature, with an incredible soft spot in my heart for my fellow man.

I am on the other hand capable of realizing that it may be time to exercise ones mental imagery of being capable of outrageous (clint eastwood) type behaviour.

In fact since NO ONE KNOWS I have wanted to start a thread on what types of Mental exercises and imagery can or should be exercised in the event it does go very,very wrong.

If my FALSE bravado imagery of letting my neighbors know where I stand (or sit in this case) bothers your sensitivities, maybe you should begin the process. The old fake it til you make it phenom.

Believe me the closer we get the More Fearful I become. I have no idea how I will respond to the situation. I could poop my pants at the first sign of trouble or I could step up to the challenge. Whatever that challenge will be. Allow me to visualize myself as the strong silent type if I may.

Gary Cooper like----------not Eastwood---do not forsake me oh my.......

-- D.B. (, September 06, 1999.

Bad Company,

It me again: you commented!

The resiliency of mankind at the end of hardships like floods, wars, hurricanes and tornadoes has always been linked to those willing to lend a hand to unfortunate souls hit hard. (Yes, I have some experience here.) I really have no problem with helping my fellow man after these types of disasters.

I notice though you left out---riots,rapes,looting,etc.

I take it these are not probable in your "fantasy world"

-- D.B. (, September 06, 1999.

If you paint your windows black, your house will be pitch dark during day time!!! Black plastic would be much better!

-- smitty (, September 06, 1999.

Hey Bad Company!

You have seen the enemy? You wouldn't know the enemy until he slit your throat after you very nicely offered to assist him and his in the crisis time. There is no longer the ability to distingush friend from enemy. In Bosnia, generations of Neighbors turned on one another like a rabid wolf chewing on itt's own entrails...weep not for mankind, but for the future of mankind...

-- Billy-Boy (, September 06, 1999.

Advice from a troll with some plywood and foam carpet padding you can silence that pesky genset. With proper baffleing and lining the interior with the carpet padding {use contact cement or roofing nails } you can put the lid on that noise.

-- Troll (, September 06, 1999.

> I take my Rifle and just sit out in front of my house for a couple days, just enough time to let my neighbors see me.

Not a good idea guy.....Some displaced person transiting your neighborhood might think...Hmmmm....Guy on his porch with a rifle; must have something to protect. A .22 round in the ear will ruin your whole day.

Sorry to disagree but....Don't make yourself a target...DCK

-- Don Kulha (, September 06, 1999.

Troll--Carpet padding with velcro top and bottom over a window works nicely, easy up and easy down. Tom is right about your neighbors and neighborhoods, they are all not the same. I'm sure you all have a pretty good take on who your neighbors are. Mine are totally oblivious to Y2K and all they care about is making babies and golfing. And Billy-Boy, you are right on! I will be turning away every DGI family and friends. We can't feed the world and what could a DGI who all of sudden becomes a GI offer me? The minute you turn your back they will have you. The DGI family will congregate and scheme and find a way to over take you and your family. So why put you and your family in that kind of jeopardy? I don't have any faith or trust in man because they will fail you every time.

-- bardou (, September 06, 1999.

Seems pretty clear we all expect others to behave as we would under the circumstances. I simply must become more paranoid.

-- Flint (, September 06, 1999.

bardou, I agree with you.

DGIs have given me nothing but stupid words.

When they GI, they will give many sad words.

Got earplugs?

-- Randolph (, September 06, 1999.

Billy-Boy states somewhere up above that he is a military man with children. While I respect both counts, it offers an incredible contradiction in terms of when trouble is on your doorstep. I think Billy -Boy will understand me when I state that the enemy is much easier to attack when the 'mental baggage' of one's own children don't weigh heavily on his mind. Beyond that, the idea of 'enemy' is certainly misplaced in this argument. Bardou's incredibly vapid and almost incomprehensible ramblings about 'GI's' and 'DGI's' only lead me to regret in the fact that yes, there are 'people' who conduct their lives in this manner. Perhaps it is attributable to upbringing, or perhaps it is attributable to watching 'Escape from New York' one too many times.In any case, it seems apparent to me that he/she has never had the misfortune of needing the most basic of help in the time of turmoil---from a simple jump of a car battery, to loved one/comrrade being killed, to a house being blown away in a storm, to sitting on one's roof and watching the river engulf one's house--wondering when the boat will show up to take us to safety. And in his/her case...I hope that it will never occur, for it seems apparent that the shock to his/her mindset will cause a heart attack well before that loathed, hated helping hand ever arrives. Apparently, it has never occurred to him/her that we're all fighting on the same side, that winners in this mess are only in that category for a small amount of time longer than the 'DGI's", that should upheaval occur as he/she seems to believe, life wouldn't be worth living anyway. I envision all of you folks with bunkers in your backyards, as well....just in case Russia fires some nukes off.

Yeah, I'm all for preparation and have joined all of you in the basics. But the attached smugness, arrogance and lack of human compassion will only lead to more hardship, and a lot of people being hurt in the process. After all, struggling to survive is a two-way street. Regards.

-- Bad Company (, September 06, 1999.

Snipers are scum of the earth. Anyone seen toting a scoped rifle after TSHTF should be considered a target of opportuity.

-- Hades (, September 06, 1999.

Bad Company, you have noble aspirations, but reality is often much harsher than even our imaginations can make it. I fear that Billy-Boy is correct as shown in any crisis situation in which large areas are affected for protracted periods. Someone else has mentioned the riots in America. There are also always terrible stories of looting and murder in countries experiencing civil strife...we had one on Sunday told to us at church, of the suffering in Sudan, and the news is filled with the barbarity in . I've also read on a website someone here linked a few weeks ago about the looters who went all the way from NYC to Florida during Hurricane Andrew. The only homes which weren't hit were those who'd spray-painted crude signs on their outer walls saying things such as, "Have guns...will shoot." All this to say that human nature can revert to atavistic levels quite readily. If we suffer now in the DC area and elsewhere with road rage shootings just from rush hour frustration, what can we expect when TSHTF next year? I've always been a giver, scoring high in social service skills on tests; gave up scholarship in Journalism to study to be a missionary (before Peace Corps). However, I have been given the wisdom and prudence to know where giving ends and taking undue advantage begins. On several Y2K websites a number of others over the months have recommended that one keep light and noise from being spotted by looters, who would then surely kill the prepared person. If you have a wife and/or children, I hope that you also will take proper precautions.

A man on another site gave a touching bit of pathos. He said if people came to him who hadn't been willing to prepare, he would have to say that each day's food that he gave to them would be one day less of life for his children, so he could not do so. Tough times demand tough decisions. No one can save everybody. People need to evaluate, pray, and try to only do what they can realistically do. Sad...but true.

-- Elaine Seavey (, September 07, 1999.

Sorry...omitted name "Timor."

-- Elaine Seavey (, September 07, 1999.

bardou is correct. Every word. Billy-boy has offered valuable advice that we handled 6 months ago when we bought black-out shades.

The only thing missing from Bad Company's post is the soundtrack from "The Sound of Music". WTSHTF, *we'll* decide who gets help and who's on their own.

I picked up a stranded hitch-hiker once, along an empty, open Wyoming highway in a blizzard. What sort of person would have driven past that guy? He tried to rape me. His mistake. He wound up being dumped off into a drift clutching his 'peppered' face and rolling around making snow angels. I'll decide who will recieve my charity, we have children to feed that know better than to take advantage of the kindness of people. I know they're worthy.

-- Will continue (, September 07, 1999.

Will Continue,

This is totally off topic to the thread, but I've been looking for a thread you are posting to, to thank you for your kind offer the other night, on the Great Depression thread. It served as a sharp reminder to me that I shouldn't let another person's politics color my judgements about their humanity.

I'm pretty partial to where I am, but if strange winds should blow us towards Kansas, I'll keep it in mind.

-- Bokonon (, September 07, 1999.

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