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I believe the queenbee is the one essential needed for bee keeping anyone have any experience?yummy sweet honey!

-- zoobie (, September 06, 1999


zoobie, it took me three days to track down the address of a bee vendor we are very happy with. If your email address is real, I'll send the address there. If not, keep checking back here until I can get it posted.

We're new at beekeeping, and it's been really fun. The bees we have are so gentle that our small children sit safely a few inches from the hive and watch what's going on. My husband does wear gloves and a bee hat when he has to open the hive, but he says they've never offered to sting him. They were making more bees within a few days of arrival. They're making wax comb and honey already, and we're in drought. You need to stock a whole bunch (like, 200 pounds) of sugar so you can feed them over the winter. The ratio of sugar to water is high -- I'll find out and post that too.

-- helen (, September 06, 1999.

Helen, I would really appreciate it if you would mail me the name of your bee vendor, thanks!

-- Mumsie (, September 11, 1999. Weaver Apiaries breeder of BUCKFAST QUEENS in North America

-- Dennis Law (, September 14, 1999.

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