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Year 2000 Compliance of Products and Systems


As with all computer based information systems, the smooth transition to the year 2000 has caused significant user concern. Many Johnson Controls customers have requested information regarding the operation of our facility management systems during the transition from the year 1999 to 2000, as well as into the next millennium.

Johnson Controls is committed to providing our customers proactive solutions to any potential problems related to the transition to the year 2000 by providing verification services, and update options for year 2000 compliance.

The information in this memo describes the functionality of major Johnson Controls systems in the year 2000. If you have any question that are not answered in this notice, please contact your local Johnson Controls Representive.


All current systems are year 2000 compliant, as defined below, with the software revision levels available by the end of 1997. All personal computers will need to be checked for BIOS/CMOS issues. Metasys will be year 2000 compliant at Revision 9.0. JC/85/40 systems at revision L000 are year 2000 compliant and DSC 8500s are compliant at revision E01 (status revised 30 Mar 1998). Companion and Facilitator are year 2000 compliant at all revisions. Table 1 illustrates the compliance level of Johnson Controls products.

Year 2000 Compliance Defined

Year 2000 compliance means that the product will manage dates and date calculations properly prior to, during, and after the calendar year 2000. This includes leap year calculations, date rollover, date-based logs, reports, and calculations. It should be noted that the year 2000 is a leap year.

Testing Methodology

Johnson Controls has conducted extensive testing on our current systems and on major legacy products, such as the JC/85 series. Our testing included execution of our standard feature tests in the following scenarios:

Year Switchover - 1999 to 2000

First Leap Year - February 29, 2000

Daylight Savings Time - Spring and Fall

Next Year After Leap Year - February 28, 2001

Each product line has standard feature tests that are executed whenever a new release of software is developed. The problem reports that were found and fixed on each product line are available upon request.

They even have Y2K compliance information for their competiters Year 2000 Compliance of Metasys. Partners

-- Cherri (, September 06, 1999


Hi Cherri:

Please understand, I mean no disrespect; I'm just genuinely curious as to why you keep posting these 'good news' items re embedded controls/systems, etc. Are you perhaps not yet fully convinced yourself or are you merely trying to save some of us more skeptical souls from ourselves? Pray tell, exactly what's the deal here, babe?

-- Yan (, September 06, 1999.

Yeah the maintaince guys check ours out and said it was ok.

They didn't much care as the &*%$# computer crashed so often that they mostly ran the system on manual overrides.

If we don't have power is the HVAC system still compliant?

-- LM (, September 06, 1999.


The information is relevent and I appreciate it.


-- Tom Beckner (, September 06, 1999.

I worked for Johnson Controls in the '80's.

-- Lindsey (, September 06, 1999.

CHERRI: Thank you for this latest in your series of on-going posts. They demonstrate the rationality, conscientousness, and competence of not only some of our fellow citizens and the exercise of their professional responsibilites, but they (your posts) also demonstate much about you.

These types of analysis and responses are no doubt being repeated all accross our country. They represent the free-market at work. I have far greater confidence in its workings than in its failings.

Still, I have also seen the reverse at work. I have seen those in positions of responsibility whose focus is exclusively on perception, with the resulting abdication of concern with reality. The "spin" masters in todays vernacular. Their numbers seem to have been growing in recent years.

It is my hope that those portrayed in your series of posts, the competent individuals, who, calmly and with reasoned dedication, quietly go about their work, will make the Y2K problem just another obstacle that was overcome and left in their (our) past.

We shall shortly see if this is the case......

A IS A....

With respect,

-- Dave Walden (, September 06, 1999.


Thank You.

The Y2K date error appears to be a catalyst in proving that there can be no contradictions. People are checking their premises and finding one is wrong.

-- Cherri (, September 07, 1999.


Thank You.

The Y2K date error appears to be a catalyst in proving that there can be no contradictions. People are checking their premises and finding one is wrong. In mutual respect,

-- Cherri (, September 07, 1999.

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