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Need help on a good source for hand tools - hammers, saws, etc. Home Depot here is incredibly expensive. Is there anything online?

-- James (, September 05, 1999


In our area estate sales, garage sales and auctions---alot cheaper but you have to fight the ole fogies to get 'em. Arrive early, get at the head of the line ,spot what you want and go for it. Check the papers on thrusday and take friday off to make the rounds. You can save hundred of dollars. Of course it does take luck and timing.

-- catherine plamondon (, September 05, 1999.

Here in rural okie we have a primitives place where I can get good tools for next to nothing. Garage sales are also good and thrift stores get tools soemtimes as well. Walls is a store in Muskogee that gets inventory from bankrupt or burned down retailers...another source of good prices.

-- Sand Mueller (, September 06, 1999.

Watch it young Whipper-Snapper, some of us old foggies are preparing too. I guess I had better bring me thompson to the next yard sale. The Happy Hoarder.

-- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency,inc. (, September 06, 1999.

Absolutely go to auctions of all kinds, farm, estate, house etc. My husband got almost all of the larger tools that he needs for the tractor that way for way under what it would have cost (if he could even find them). A 2" open-end wrench will cost over $20 new (that used to be the price), but he got a whole set of wrenches with the smallest being 2" for about that much at an auction. At auctions check the boxes and cans. Many times there are just odds & ends thrown together and the real jewels you want are hidden in a box or can of junk. A little rust will clean right off so don't worry if they look ugly.

-- Beckie (, September 07, 1999.

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