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I wish to buy lenses for my Konica Autoreflex T at a resonable price. I'm looking for a wideangle lens(24mm) and maybe a fisheye lense(15mm)if it is not too expensive. Also looking for a zoom lens 28-100mm or something simular I'm only looking for offers with resonable prices, I'm not a rich man, I just want to take pictures ok? :) Preferably I want offers from people in Europe, preferably Scandinavia, but international offers are welcome to, give it that you are able to ship to Europe. Lenses have to have flawless optics and mechanics, but outside apperance doesn't matter. Also I'm looking for a flash that will work with my Autoreflex T.

Espen Sande Larsen

-- Anonymous, September 05, 1999


Buying Konica Lenses

Espen -- I think the best choice of lenses is eBay, the online auction site. While it's true that it seems most of the items for sale are sold by U.S. sellers (and many of them only will sell to U.S. buyers, unfortunately), there are a number of European sellers as well. I have purchased several Konica lenses through eBay for very reasonable amounts. The lenses you are looking for are not ones I see very often, though. You didn't say whether you wanted Konica brand lenses, or whether other brands will do. I can recommend Vivitar (especially the Series 1 models) and Kiron as two excellent and reasonably priced after-market lens makers that I do often see on eBay for Konica cameras. I think Kiron made a 28-105 zoom that was well regarded, and a 24mm f2. As for Vivitar, I absolutely love the Vivitar Series 1 35-85 f2.8 zoom. It's not quite the range you were looking for, but it is a terrific lens. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, September 28, 1999

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