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Computer problems are not the only problem in town!. Come News Years Eve there will be the Hackers just waiting to fill the cyber network with Viruses, the likes never seen before. Then you will have old Ben Laden, with his nukes, and bio goodies, just waiting to spice up the parties in DC and NY. Why do you think they are laying low, not the fear of Uncle Sam, but saving, and planning for one big Shindig come 01/01/00. Another reason not to be in the Big Apple, or any other big fat TARGET area. Food for thought, Joyce.

-- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency,inc. (, September 05, 1999


Here, Here!

Going to watch the ball drop, party with the Clintons, or watch fireworks over Santa Monica Bay are good ways to put one's self either at ground zero or into the first point one percent of a new plague-infected population.

Bin Laden is a very serious threat for a New Year's "one-two punch attack" with nuclear weapons followed with bio weapons. The reports of Bin Laden acquiring Russian "suitcase" nuclear devices and biological materials such as Anthrax are very distubing. An attack using both is almost too easy to plan. (I guess I dealt with such things too much in the military, I can scare myself!) ;)

Imagine an attack on New York that takes-out the major bridges and tunnels to Manhattan. Then while the Times Square crowd is collecting their wits they get dosed with Anthrax sprayed from atop a nearby building.

With many people having injuries from nuclear weapons effects or symptoms of radiation exposure, those folks who're disease carriers likely wouldn't be spotted. And the rescue efforts would actually spread a disease outbreak by evacuating people from the nuclear-hit locations.

Now add similar attacks on a couple other major US cities and you can see that New Year's terrorism isn't just a threat, it's a THREAT!!! The results could turn out to be devastating.

All just one more reason why we won't be going out for New Year's.


-- Wildweasel (, September 05, 1999.

Thats not the half of it. He could send the goodies in to the cities via shipping containers, under the flag of an innocent country. These would have timers set to go off at the stroke of midnight 12/31/99. We could never prove who sent them!. In one week or sooner the death toll would surpass that of WW-2. Would that make him the next AntiChrist?. Food for thought!, The Happy Hoarder.

-- Cross And Crescent Relief Agency,inc. (, September 06, 1999.

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