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Off the store home page will be a section called "New wines this week" or something like that. "New Wines" will take the viewer to a message board, like the Motley Fool Community Link (see, and click on Community). Store admin will allow store to time stamp postings for specific products in their catalog with links to the product detail page within the store.

Two things should be considered on the side of Wordsmithing. First, it would be great if novices, intermediates and advanced users read different text about the same wines. Second, to the extent that we can automate the writing process for the stores, we'll be making it very easy to merchandise this section.

Wordsmithing for the novice vs. advanced would entail something like the following: Novice: If you're in the frame of mind to barbecue this summer, you should try this great little wine from the southwest of france...blah. Advanced: No, this little wine from the Southwest of France won't serve to replace the Caymus select which is resting in your cellar, but it sure does blah, blah.

Wordsmithing for the merchandising of products could be a series of text with options for the store like:

Our buddy BlANK, one of our favorite importers was in last week with a whole bunch of exciting new wines from BLANK. BLANK really knows his stuff, and this visit was no exception. The most exciting wines of the visit were the PRODUCT ID< PRODUCT ID, etc....


Every once in a while we stumble upon a little wine that just surprises the hell out of us, something where the cost of the wine seems unbelievably low compared to the quality. This week's surprise down here at Somer's Point was PRODUCT ID (LINK)....

We need to think about this.

-- Anonymous, September 04, 1999

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