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I don't have a green house and limited space, but yet I would like to "grow" potted veggies. Is this possible and what veggies will do go indoors? Thanks.

-- Ice (, September 04, 1999


How about just being happy with sprouts. Your other idea is really not worth doing.

-- Sand Mueller (, September 04, 1999.

You can grow things that don't get too big. Unlike Mueller, I do this all of the time. Things that grow well are radish, head lettuce, etc. I wouldn't try to grow oak trees.



-- Z1X4Y7 (, September 04, 1999.

Try some mesclun- baby greens. In a flat- either a commercial plastic one or something similar- put a good enriched growing mix. seed it with lettuce, spinach, aruglua, chard, beets, etc- do a few a week- water and keep in a sunny spot. Clip baby greens as needed. Keep a succession crop going- plant a few a week-

also- potted herbs can work well- basil, sage, dill(short fernleaf), parsley, oregano, chives, thyme, etc- adds great taste to food. Also- a tea garden with lemon balm, mint and stuff. You can also grow Rosemary indoors.

-- farmer (, September 04, 1999.

Strawberries in a hanging basket work. Not a terrific yield. Had to hang them up. The cat would eat the blossoms. Good luck.

-- mwerks3 (, September 05, 1999.


I've tried most everything that farmer mentioned. In my experience, they all work. Just be careful of the moisture level. You can have your own fungal epidemic. I am fortunate in have a two story atrium. I can grow those vining things that can stand short days....

Best wishes,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, September 05, 1999.

Thanks for all your imput. I really appreciate it. :) Ice

-- Ice (, September 05, 1999.


By-the-way, I grow some peppers in pots on the deck. Things like Ancho , Carribean Red, and [other hot peppers]. I prune those back and bring them inside. They will produce in the winter. At least some of them will...

Best wishes,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, September 06, 1999.

Grow stuff in window-boxes you can make and hang under each window. Water the plants daily... You can do quite a lot if you have a balcony. Grow small things like cherry tomatoes in pots, or use polystyrene boxes from a fruit/vege store: fill with potting mix and grow away. You can also put up a trellis to support climbing plants like beans or peas. If you have a fish tank or a plastic bowl, you can grow a few edible water plants like water chestnut. Borrow a few books on Permaculture for more ideas. Most are by an Aussie named Bill Mollison. I saw these ideas on a video tape of his.

-- David Harvey (, September 07, 1999.

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