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I want to play VCD on SUN workstation. And I have download a file (mtv)from MTV home site. Because the format on VCD is dat and mtv only play the format of mpeg. So first I want to save the .dat file on harddisk.Then convert the format from dat to mpeg. But when I copy .dat into my harddisk (like: cp /cdrom/mpegav ~/.),it cause a I/O error. I don't know why. who can tell me the reason? How can I play VCD on my workstation successful?

Thank very much.

-- Tomas Yang (, September 04, 1999


If your OS is Solaris 2.6, it has some audio problem with Ultra 5, try to down load the patch from SUN.

-- Djuliman Hartono (, September 04, 1999.

the ultra-5's video was not designed for high-resolution full motion playback, playing .mpg files only really works well in the native size (1:1 scaling). sun's showmetv plays them best and fastest, from the ones i've tried. the .dat files on the cd are in cdrom-xa format (no error checking/correction to store more data), so you can't just copy the files - you need some extraction program like galette. you might try checking back to see how xine ( and vlc ( are doing, as well as some other currently linux-only ones like , , , and so on.

-- Walter M. Amos (, August 01, 2001.

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