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This is from, a "new daily online content network" created by the U. of Missouri School of Journalism and headed up by Andy Wang of Impression magazine.

...Casino sports wagering is run by a computerized system called CBS  the Computerized Bookmaking System. The program runs betting lines, keeps track of wagering, adjusts spreads and handles every facet of a sports bet except actually handing the ticket to the patron.

If that system crashes, well, you still have your ticket. But you're angry, you're probably drunk, and your girlfriend just lost two of your paychecks by splitting a pair of tens down on the casino floor.

Add assorted nuts and stir. Oh, what a night...

Some o' them college kids are pretty durn sharp, if'n y'ask me... 8-}]

-- Mac (
sneak@lurk.hid), September 03, 1999


misplaced " in HTML

Gambling on Disaster

-- kermit (, September 04, 1999.

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