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Retired Army Lt. Gen. Peter A. Kind increasingly finds himself in the year 2000 hot seat.

And, as chief of the Y2K Information Coordination Center, that seat will only get hotter as the days slip away toward Jan. 1. Thats because Kind and ICC will be the eyes, ears and voice of the Clinton administration regarding what is happening as computers conduct their own year 2000 celebrations.

John A. Koskinen, chairman of the Presidents Council on the Year 2000 Conversion, created the center and tapped Kind to head it earlier this year after realizing that the government needed a command center to track the rollover and events in the days immediately following Dec. 31 [GCN, April 26, Page 1].

-- lisa (, September 03, 1999


sometimes i wonder if the white house efforts on y2k (john koskinen's job) is simply to control the information going to the public and rarely to motivate anyone to finish their work!!! seems like once stakeholders from each industry sector meet with the white house-- from that point on they speak with one voice--all you see on their web sites is the "company line". the most recent being pharmaceuticals. seems like the chemical folks just met. won't be long before they speak with one voice. soon there will be no real information coming out on y2k.

-- tt (, September 03, 1999.

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