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In association with Pshannon and the New York Group we are planning a joint lunch on Saturday the 23rd of October in Hartford, CT.

We are attempting to locate a restaurant - reasonable in price and close to the train station (within walking distance or a short car ride).

If anyone from that area has a suggestion to help us make this get together a reality, please e-mail me.

-- ExCop (, September 03, 1999


To the top.

-- Brooks (, September 03, 1999.

Wish I could join you, but I will be otherwise engaged. There will be a city-wide Y2K disaster drill during that day. There probably won't be much visible to the average observer, but for many people (including me), it will be exciting.

Maybe Black-Eyed Sally's? Cajun+ 350 Asylum Street 860-278-7427. A block or two east of the train station.

Let me know if it comes together (and where). Maybe I'll get a break.

-- Lewis (, September 03, 1999.

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