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Long Elevator Line for Stores

What does WineAccess do?

WineAccess has built a system that will transform successful wine shops into powerful online businesses. The WineAccess ADVISOR has been developed specifically for the brick and mortar wine retailer. It combines a recommendation engine like the one you may have seen on Amazon.com, the buyer/seller rating service of Ebay, while highlighting the benefits of in-store buying experience.

WineAccess understands the retailer and his business. Most fine wine retail businesses don't want to spend a lot to build, maintain and operate their web business. WineAccess requires no upfront expense, only monthly fees which are largely performance-based. WineAccess makes the merchandising of a web store simple. By keeping it simple, we allow the store to do what it does best, SELL WINE!

Here's what a few merchants have said about the WineAccess ADVISOR:

Joe@aol.com Greatest thing since the egg roll

Paul@aol.com Best thing on a bun.

Bob@aol.com Even better than Paul's bun

WineAccess is licensing stores with its software, based on territorial exclusivity. There will be xx store licenses issued for the town of xxx. if you would like WineAccess to consider adding your store to its network, call us, email us blah blah blah

-- Anonymous, September 03, 1999

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