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Many beginning photographers take most of their photos from the same vantage point: eye level or chest level with a tripod. However, that's how most of the population sees things anyway. Shoot from a different height. Try to make it at least a foot either way of your normal shooting height. Shoot something you've shot before, but from a new perspective. See if changing the way you see, makes the photo better.

-- O.M. Jenkins (, September 03, 1999


Good suggestion. Understanding that perspective is controlled by where in space you decide to put the camera was a breakthrough for me. Composition is controlled in part by perspective. If you photograph immovable objects, like landscapes, the only way you can change perspective is to move the camera - sometimes by a foot, sometimes by a mile.

--- I hope this forum thrives because I think its a good idea.

-- Pete Dickson (, November 16, 1999.

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