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ISSUE 1561 Friday 3 September 1999

Shopping dog takes the biscuit - and pays for it By Jenny Jarvie

A LABRADOR that can take money from cash machines, help shop in supermarkets and then hand over the money was named Dog of the Millennium yesterday.

Jilly Cooper, the dog-loving novelist, chose Endal from 3,000 entries in a national competition. The two-year-old was trained by the charity Canine Partners for Independence to perform everyday domestic tasks for Alan Parton, a disabled former Serviceman who received head injuries in the Gulf war. Mr Parton, from Clanfield, near Portsmouth, said: "When I got Endal, it was like all my birthdays had come together - it is unbelievable what this dog can do.

He said Endal had changed his life. "He helps me with everything from shopping to household chores and even lifts the lavatory seat. People look amazed when Endal jumps up and takes the money from the cashpoint in his mouth - but without him I could not use cash dispensers."

Mr Parton and Endal travelled to Slough, Berks, to collect a #500 prize and vouchers for a six-month supply of dog food, provided by the competition sponsors, Beta pet foods and Dogs Today magazine. Endal posed for a Millennium calendar yesterday with 11 other finalists in individual categories, including most intelligent dog, most appealing eyes and canine survivor.

Barney, a German shepherd, earned a place at the finals after saving the life of its owner Jan Wallbank, from Kent, when she was attacked.

-- Old Git (, September 03, 1999


Some months ago I read where a locality which awards a "Cat of the Year" prize gave it this year to a dog. The rationale was that the dog got on so well with the cats in the neighborhood.

-- Peter Errington (, September 03, 1999.


Not only did the "cat of the year"-dog get along well with the cats, she actually helped rescue stray cats (with a little help from her owner...).

-- (, September 03, 1999.

Old Git,

It that what's known as a "general dogsbody?"



-- Diane J. Squire (, September 03, 1999.

Had Alan been christened Jeff, the headline might have been "Mutt and Jeff"....

(Old comic strip, OK?)

Great dog, anyway.

-- Tom Carey (, September 03, 1999.

Endal is a cool dog, but I can type on a computer... Try that Endal...; )

Good post Old Git...


The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, September 03, 1999.

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