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Saw this great idea abroad recently.As far as I could see the bicycle had been cut in half & the single axled flatbed assembly had been welded onto the front portion of the bike somewhere in the region above the pedals.(aka a Rickshaw)The wheels of the flatbed were bicycle wheels & the floor was wooden planks.The flatbed assembly was about 4ft long but these guys were carrying huge loads.

Just an idea !!

-- a non technical (, September 02, 1999


See the B.O.B. Yak bike trailer on this web page

I use mine to carry 2 20 lb bags of cat litter & one 18 lb bag of cat food. It has a narrow width so it will go anyplace you can fit your handel bars important point if you have to evacuate thru stalled traffic.

I've also used it to (after putting a plastic milk carton to raise the load above the fender) carry an abandoned wooden shipping pallett back to my house to use in building my hidden compost bin "priest hole" bunker.

-- Dennis Law (, September 03, 1999.

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