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My new 4-8-2s run great on DC, but I cannot get them to run on DCC. The decoder got very hot and the engine would not run. When I pulled the decoder and tried the DC engine on DCC, my booster kept cyclying in and out of a "short" shutting down the block. I have two engines, both behave the same. Any ideas what is wrong?

-- Douglas Harding (, September 02, 1999


Doug--they supposedly used the same circuit board (with corrections) that they used in the 2-8-0. THere are some noise choke coils on it that can cause problems when running it in analog mode on DCC since the systems sees this asa short, thus your analog problem. Most folks have had no problem running them once the decoder is plugged in so I cannot say what your problem is there. Personally, I pulled the cirsuit boards out of my 2-8-0s and hard wired the decoders--runs great, NOW.

-- Larry Puckett (, September 02, 1999.

Larry, thanks for your response. I have since discoverd an installation error with the decoder and corrected it. The engine runs great with a decoder. BUT I still have the problem with analog operation.

-- Douglas Harding (, September 03, 1999.

Doug--I checked my old notes on the 2-8-0 and remembered that by cutting one leg of the capacitor on the circuit board you can remove it from the circuit and prevent the shorting problem--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, September 03, 1999.

I just purchased the Bachmann Spectrum Consolidation and I have the same problem. Bachmann has been totally useless in helping me out.

Do you think that I have the same problem regarding the capacitor on the circuit card board? It's been suggested that I cut it but I have hesitated because it voids the warranty. However, my engine has been back to the factory twice and I found out what their warranty is really worth so I may just cut that capacitor and see what happens.

Thanks, Bob Guercio

-- Robert Guercio (, September 07, 2001.

I also have a 2-8-0, and had trouble figuring out the plug. I found somewhere on the net that some of the 2-8-0's are wired wrong!! Do a google search and I think you'll find an article on it. Good luck! Also, I was wondering if you could eliminate that circuit board in the tender with all the little coils and capacitors, and now I have my answer. Thanks! (It looks like a little radio, and someone said they think it is a noise elimination curcuit to conform to European standards.

-- Lloyd Rosevear (, November 24, 2002.

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