pickle barrel update, ETC

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The third try of washing with dishsoap, rinsing with purex/drying and stuffing with newspaper did the trick---these barrels have focets placed in them (bottom 1/8), so that getting the water out will not be so hard--bet you could put your own in.Got cement blocks to raise them enough to put jugs under--thanks to advise here, will not put them upstairs--the idea of 180 gal of water drippping or crashing through from upstairs convinced me to plan differently. Got Terrasorb from the local pet store and am putting it in a nylon leg and using it to remove moisture from my bucket/canned/dried food storage area. Will update in a week or so and let you know if it works.

-- catherine plamondon (souldancer@pop..spkn.uswest.net), September 02, 1999

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