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I am a landscape Photographer, and have allways used Fuji Velvia. I know that Velvia is fine grain and excelent with greens and realy "pops" the colors. My primary interest in landscapes is in desert Photography however, and I have seen that Agfa RSX100 is 25% less expensive than Velvia. I would like to hear from those who have used Agfa RSX100 and see what they think of it for landscapes in particular.

Thanks, Bill

-- Bill Lindley (, September 02, 1999


I used RSX100 extensively on a trip two years ago, and liked it, but have settled on Kodak E100S and Velvia as my primary landscape films. RSX100 is beautiful stuff, and its color palette is probably closer to reality than E100S and Velvia, but for the pictures I'm after these two films do the job better. I like the saturated reds these films give me when shooting at sunrise and sunset.

That doesn't mean RSX100 won't work for you, just that it is not my top choice.

-- Darron Spohn (, September 02, 1999.

RSX100 is a beautiful film but has a completely different philosophy underneath it than Velvia or its Kodak counterpart E100VS. You did not mention the format you're working on, but RSX100 has much more visible grain, which may not be that much of a problem om 4*5, but may lead to fragmentation of small details on 35mm. To say that the colors are superb is not informative because those of Velvia or E100VS are too. RSX100 is often more realistic and if not it may be characterized as impressionistic if Velvia could be characterized as expressionistic. It's kind of the difference between a Monet/Seurat and a Van Gogh respectively. It depends on what you want to convey, subtlety or LOUDNESS ON.

-- Lot (, September 02, 1999.

If you want realistic color over the entire palette, without exaggeration of any parricular color and without excessive contrast, you'll be happy with RSX 100.

-- Dick Deimel (, September 17, 1999.

I've used RSX 100 and liked it a lot, with clean neutral colours. Unfortunately (sort of) it no longer exists. It's now RSX II and any experience I had with the older stuff is moot. But I say "sort of" because the RSX II should be even better.

-- David Grandy (, September 19, 1999.

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