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What is going on, this forum is getting totally screwed up. Every day more and more posts are so off topic they have nothing to do with Y2k.

Can you please eliminate all these "waco", "hillary", "solar flare", "price of gold" , etc.. threads so we can get back to business.


-- save me (, September 01, 1999


And what business would that be? Burying one's head in the sand?

-- Andy (, September 01, 1999.

I find plenty of Y2K material to read on here. I like the freewheeling posting style. I want to read about solar flares or whatever...

-- Mara Wayne (, September 01, 1999.

Viva diversity. Isn't y2k mostly about the interconnection between systems as we approach a common date horizon?

-- PH (spin@on. ca), September 01, 1999.

To 'save me'. Yeah, there's a tremendous amount of OT stuff that shows up here....but since it's usually easy to figure out the topic, I guess you just don't have to read it. The diversity of opinions and info that appears here is why so many of us come to this site. Some to laugh at the rediculousness of some of the posts, some to agree with the selfsame post and others just to gather info.

TB2000 Prep is strictly y2k. Part of the cause of the scarcity of y2k related posts is there's nothing to report that can be verified (and when there is, the forum goes ape). The government is tying up y2k info so tight that no one believes the good news and no bad news is being released. So what else is new from the government. I look upon most OT posts as a diversion and sometimes I learn from them....not ofter, but enough.

-- Lobo (, September 01, 1999.

All this is pertinent. We are a community here, a family of sorts. All very, very focused on what is happening NOW in the world. Y2K is merely the lense that focuses us here, not energy flowing through.

To hell with censorship, as Mel Gibson shouted in Braveheart...


-- Will Huett (, September 01, 1999.

As the news picks up there will be less and less of OT stuff. Even now I must admit to enjoying having the option to read a variety of things.

-- Mike Lang (, September 01, 1999.

hYENa!!!!! sAVE YoURSElF JacKAL BReaTH!!!!! aRE yOu a NAnnY WHo tELLs diETeR HoW TO THinK?????? wELL????? SpEAk Up IDIoT!!!!!! cAN yOU NoT COntrOL YouR MOuSE's lEFT buTToN????? dOEs IT taKE YoU TO Off TOpIC THreADS On IT"S OWn aCCORd??????? hUh????? IDIoT BUngHoLE!!!!! eXCerCIsE DOMinIOn OvER yOUr OWn crANIUm, Or dIETeR WIll HAvE YoU POddED!!!!!!!! inFIDEL!!!!!

-- Dieter (, September 01, 1999.

save me:

You have been dIEteRiZEd.

Mr. Extinct.

-- Randolph (, September 01, 1999.

To: "Saveme" ....if you can't see that:

1) the new police state (witness Waco),

2) the antics of the psycopath in the Whitehouse (and his wife) who is rumored to be contemplating WWIII for an extended tour on Air Force I,

3) the price of gold, the stock and financial markets and the manipulations thereof,

4) the world oil market,

5)and the understanding that a major solar storm is due this January to disrupt communications to coincide with Y2K

6)and dozens of other topics

...if you can't see that these all provide pieces of the puzzle to give us a better picture of what Y2K will look like, ...if you can't see that then maybe you should read between the lines or just concentrate on the prep forum.


-- S. David Bays (, September 01, 1999.

LOL, our Forum Mascot strikes again; thanks DiETeR.

When it's gettin hot and the info sparks, pollytrolls scream, The Forum is Dying, It's Dead, Wahhhhhhh! Meanwhile, Server Busy serves up another where's the beef?

Just getting more popular day by day. Gary North linked TB2K again today. Every time *that* happens the lurker quotient soars.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 01, 1999.

I agree with you "save me," to a certain extent. There are some real assholes on this forum and they are the ones that have only been here a very short time. And when you put them in their place they start whining. So everyone QUIT YOUR SNIFFLING!

-- cry baby (, September 01, 1999.

Save me: You can choose to not read whatever you wish. Just skip the threads you don't wish to read. Also, you might want to check out the preparedness only discussion board, found if you go to Greenspun's main page, it's pretty packed with lots of useful information. :)

-- nobody (, September 01, 1999.

This is a community, or more like a club I think. We all have a common interest, but that doesn't mean that every other topic should be off-limits. If you're not interested in a thread, don't read it!

Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (, September 01, 1999.

I love reading the off topics, but I skip the ones that don't interest me. And speaking of off topic: Ashton & Leska, is your Cascadia the same Cascadia they had on TLC's "Apocolypse Week" Monday, where a giant Earthquake and Sunami could happen? 'Cause that was neat! ;-)

-- kritter (, September 01, 1999.

Save Me,

While I agree there's no shortage of postings to make you scratch your head and say "Huh?", you CAN just take it as dark comedy and move on to what your looking for.

Besides, to paraphrase the character Max, in the movie "Strange Days", "Relax, man. The whole world's going to end in four months, anyway."

-- Bokonon (, September 01, 1999.

save me = Flint

-- Server Busy (try@again.later), September 01, 1999.

Kritter, we didn't see that show "Apocolypse Week" (but it sounds interesting!), and yes Cascadia, the beautiful fertile swath of enchanted land from Cape Mendocino in Northern California all the way up thru British Columbia, is boundaried on the West by the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which will produce a humongous earthquake, 9+, any day now they say, within 300 years (a blink geologically).

So we Cascadian Boomer Doomers are glad Y2K kicked us in the collective arse and forced us to finish our earthquake preps.

The earthquake will leave our infrastructure in jumbled twisted rubble, ala Turkey; but the humanimals will be shaken into stunned humble helpfulness by the "act of God."

Y2K will initially leave the physical infrastructure intact, but humanimal reactions of rage, looting, burning, revenge, and opportunistic mayhem may leave it smoldering ashes.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, September 01, 1999.


You left out the part about Mt. Rainier going "Mt St Helens" at the same time.

How DO people on the west coast ever get any sleep, anyway?

-- Bokonon (, September 01, 1999.


I think waco is for wackos, I adore Hillary, and couldn't care less about solar flares or the price of gold....

But I do appreciate the opportunity to hear other people's opinions, even if I think I'm one of the few people here with all my oars in the water.

-- Mabel Dodge (, September 01, 1999.

Save Me: You are correct in the downward action of this forum. I agree with the freedom of speech and expression. People get carried away knowing they are free to express as they wish. This freedom has a way of combining quality and crapolia. I'm sure Ed would be happy he left when he did because this place has turned into a free for all. I'm a G.I. and it seems this party has too many cocktails and cocktail waitpersons encouraging too much imbibing of bull shit. I can stomach Diane, Old git, Big Dog, Farna and quite a few others, however, this place is not to refer newcomers to. Why would I not want to refer newbies here? Because everyone has gotten cozy and in bed with each other here and don't give a flying f about influencing newbies anymore for all they seem to want to do is share amongst themselves and others who've "gotten it" for wayyyyyy long now. The consideration for newbies rests with the few people I mentioned above, while the rest of the free-mouthing forum goers troll and trample the quality of this forum. People: no need to walk the straight and narrow, just focus as well as you can on quality material like the people above I mentioned. If it doesn't have a good link, don't list it.

-- Feller (, September 01, 1999.

But Feller, I can only take so much boredom without going nuts. If only there WERE new stuff to bring to this forum. Since late last winter, very precious little has happened worth mentioning, the rest is repackaged rehashings. I could leave and give my spot to "Saveme" or a newbie, but then I'd be depriving myself of my "Y2K family" support. I'm nuts, but not a masochist. So instead, I'll be nice and point Saveme and newbies to the archives, where they can and SHOULD browse for valuable information, and to the prep forum. And remind them as dIeTER said so well that they have the ability and freedom to skip threads that mention "waco", "hillary", "solar flare", and "price of gold". It is a demonstration of selfish lazyness to complain about not wanting to scroll down the page to search for interesting threads.

As an old-timer, I'll share something with newbies and Saveme. When I first came here as a newbie, I felt that many of the posts were off-topic, and many of the posters had gone off the top, if you get my drift. And I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of threads/posts to read, I thought I'd never catch up with the archives either. I felt I had to read it all, that my life depended on it, that's how much in a state of panicky realization I was. There was only a small percentage of the volume of posts now. Looking back, it is evident that my attitude as a newbie made threads/posts that are now established as a matter ofcourse, so confusing, annoying and farfetched.

It's all relative.

-- Chris (%$^&^, September 01, 1999.

What newbies? I would be interested in how many newbies actually come on board in August, or this month. My experience is that not a lot of people are getting IT at all. Most of my y2k contacts got it last year, and have not influenced a lot of new folks. Please, tell me this is NOT your experience too!

-- seraphima (, September 02, 1999.

I think EVERYONE on this forum is nuts, crazy, looney, no oars in the water, bored, fanatical, internet addicted, and it's everyone's fault here because you are all contributing to each other's bizarre behavior--ME INCLUDED!

-- Cry Baby (, September 02, 1999.

We talk.
We hope someone else of like mind, is listening.
You talk.
Someone else of a different opinion does their best to make you look like a fool.
You retaliate and do your best to make them look like even more of a fool.
Sides are chosen.
Links! Links! Links! Must have more links to prove my point.
Oh no!
The other side has found more links.
Switch gears.
Emotional arguments.
No avail.
Change to character assasination and name calling.
Star new argument.
Skip links.
Go straight to name calling to save time.
Newcomers look in and say, "Is this an informational forum or Romper Room?
Nothing is accomplished.
We stroke ourselves in our favorite way.
But what the hell else are you going to do, when it's ten after two in the morning, and you can't sleep...can't sleep....can't sleep?

-- Bokonon (, September 02, 1999.

Someday, if I'm REAL GOOD, I hope to meet up with DeiTEr. Just once. I just want to shake his hand. Just once.

As for the rest of the threads I've checked out today, there aren't any that I'd remove, and there are only about 2 posts that tempted me to the delete key. If you can't play water polo, go to the lapping pool. MOST of the stuff you are complaining about is CLEARLY labeled, for the functionally literate as "OT" which (for the abreviation challenged) translated as Off Topic.

EACH of you was issued a pair of (or at least a single functional) DISCRIMINATOR, OPTICAL, MK-I.

These need exercise or they dry up and fly away (kinda like playing with your navel you CAN fly around the room and land flat as a pancake with just your eyes buggin out........Apologies to Bill Cosby).

TRY to at least EMULATE adulthood, folks.....


-- Chuck, a night driver (, September 02, 1999.

Save Me,

I don't think the forum is failing but it is getting sloppy. Used to be OT posts were at least labeled OT.

To All the others who find the OT Waco/Ufo/Hillary posts a break from the Y2k routine might I suggest there is a big cyberworld out there and if you are tired of reading about Y2k then the answer is simple - you can A) Go to another forum that is more exciting for you or B) Do something else with your time.

Please, lets keep this forum tidy. At the very least label posts that don't address Y2k directly at all with the standard "OT." How hard can it be to type those two little letters? It will make the forum much more accesible to newbies and much more credible as well.

-- R (, September 02, 1999.

bE CaRFUL CHucK!!!!!! yEs, CARFUL!!!!! dIEtER wANTs YoU TO Be cARFUL Of wHAt YoU WIsh FOr!!!! grOWN meN HAvE FAiNtED!!!!! sOME hAVe gONE BLinD!!!!!! beWArE!!!!!

-- Dieter (, September 02, 1999.

Save me - there is no such thing as Off-Topic. It's all connected. All of it. That's what 'getting it' is all about. If you really want to know what is going on, read Andy - the only person with any intelligence around here. Alexander Murdoch also seems to have a handle on this whole thing. Read his advice column at The Onion,

Best of luck.

-- The man who don't blink (, September 02, 1999.

I'm a newbie - to this forum anyway. I don't post unless I feel I really have something to contribute. I appreciate everything - the way out theories and the debunking responses. Although y2k is the subject I research - I know there are other sinister things going on that I don't have time to research myself - I'm a big girl - I can handle even the most outrageous information. I'm not afraid - I'm not intimidated and I never feel I have finally arrived at "the truth". Input - input bring it on!

-- April (, September 02, 1999.

save me ( a.k.a. Fat Tony (,

I have a hard time accepting the HELP - This forum is failing ! plea from people who are both avowed trolls and participate in rampant trolling behavior on this Forum.

Sorry, but thats OT, in my opinion.

For the more serious Y2K posters here, I suggest you weigh in your thoughts on this thread, initiated by BigDog.

Is this entire forum OffTopic or OnTopic? Let's settle it .... 001LA1


Newbies... GO HERE ===> TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Preparation Forum (Y2K Prep Only Discussions)

http:// TimeBomb%202000%20%28Y2000%29%20Preparation%20Forum

-- Diane J. Squire (, September 02, 1999.

Waco is not off-topic, R. Government lies, use of military against citizens, gun-grabbing... We know the military is training in urban warfare; we know there are contingency plans for Y2k which utilize the military in an illegal domestic role. I want to know all about Waco, and how the government deals with it - it tells me how they're going to deal with the "national emergency" (carte blanche) of Y2k.

What's your agenda, in trying to suppress discussion of Waco, or delegitimize it with a mandatory lable of "Off Topic"? Why does it chafe you to know that other people are making connections between Waco and Y2k on some other thread that you aren't obligated to read?


-- Liberty (, September 02, 1999.

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