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Here you go, your opportunity to register your opinion about allowing Communist Chinese to bribe our President and other elected officials (did you know that Clinton has been in the pay of the Riady family since before he was Arkansas Attorney General? The Riadys have been positively determined to be agents of the Communist Chinese Government by none other than our own FBI). You can read more about it at freerepublic.com. If you're already mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, "cut and paste" the following petition into an e-mail message, add your name and address, and cut-and-paste the e-mail addresses below into your "to" box.

As a citizen, I petition the House Committee on the Judiciary to adopt the following resolution:


1. There is in the public record substantial and credible evidence that William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Albert Gore, Jr. knowingly took campaign cash from people affiliated with the Communist Chinese government, its military and its intelligence. Further, they may have, whether in exchange for this cash or their own ideological reasons, allowed the Communist Chinese to ransack our most precious national security information. This behavior is the most serious crime committed against the nation by any administration in history: capital treason.

2. The Constitution charges Congress with checking and balancing lawlessness in the executive branch. This Constitutional check and balance is not assigned to the FBI. It is not assigned to the Department of (In)Justice. Nor is it assigned to the news media. It is our job in the Congress, specifically in the House Committee on the Judiciary, to investigate this matter and to take it where it leads us. If treason by the executive branch is acceptable now, what will be acceptable in the future? The nation we hand over to our grandchildren depends on our not giving the Clinton administration a free ride on this.

3. Therefore, we will begin an immediate investigation into acts of treason committed by William Jefferson Clinton, Albert Gore, Jr., Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Reno, William Richardson, Sandy Berger and others not here named.

4. Upon certifying the evidence of treason and the acceptance of illegal campaign cash in exchange for access to secrets of National Security, we will draw up articles of impeachment against these and other individuals found to be guilty, accessories or accomplices. These articles will be voted up on the floor of the House, and sent to the Senate with the recommendation that the guilty parties by removed from office in all due haste and sentenced to death for treason.

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Dan Burton Toll-Free: 1.877.722.7494 202.225.2276 317.848.0201 fax:202.225.0016 2185 Rayburn House Office Building Washingon, D.C. 20515 www.house.gov/burton/

Tom DeLay Toll-Free: 1.877.722.7494 202.225.5951 281.240.3700 fax:202.225.5241 341 Cannon Office Building Washingon, D.C. 20515 www.tomdelayhouse.gov

-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 01, 1999


Response to Petition to Impeach the President

Sure, waste another 6 months on this goofy impeachement thing.

Whats the point it doesnt do anything. Republicans blew the meaning of it on the last attempt to oust Clinton.

-- impeach me (impeachme@wastegovtmoney.com), September 01, 1999.

Response to Petition to Impeach the President

You sound like YOU shot all your ammo - not Congress. What is this droopy-dog crap? Where's that "Can-do!-spirit that made America great? Where's the GRIT, son? Wake up and smell the coffee; if you can't smell the coffee, get on the stick and MAKE SOME! Has that "why bother" philosophy of life served you well so far? Didn't think so. Here's your chance to get rid of your droop and make a difference in the bargain.

The Chinese paid Clinton to, among other things, loosen export restrictions on sophisticated military satellite and computer technology, and to RETREAT FROM THE TAIWAN STRAIGHT when his "restauranteur" buddy, Charlie Trie, handed him a note saying it was what his masters wanted Clinton to do for them. As with Waco, a hearing has a good chance of uncovering this dirt. If you aren't outraged by this yet, check out the "China" section of freerepublic.com., at the "forum."

BTW: this petition has received some astonishingly respectful mention in the Washington Post: over 200,000 people have signed it so far. I should give the address for the original "freeper" page with the petition on it, here: http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a37bde4511236.htm I love those people...


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 01, 1999.

Is this off track?

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), September 01, 1999.

Please, do you really think people want to waste more time with this impechement. Nothing will happen. Think about how complex the whole process will be and then how long it will take and then how the democrats will stand by him and the republicans will stand against him.

Nobody cares about impeachment anymore, its a joke process.

-- enough wasted (enoughwasted@already.com), September 01, 1999.

This is a Y2K discussion board; you are wasting our time and the system bandwidth by posting such off topic trash. Of course the president should be impeached; of course he won't be, so forget it and get on with more important issues such as whether you have a decent assault rifle and plenty of ammo for next year.

-- cody (cody@y2ksurvive.com), September 01, 1999.

Le Metropole members and internet,

A highly sophisticated source has informed me that he understands that a blind trust set up for Hillary Clinton, shorted gold financial instruments just before the Bank of England gold sale announcement on May 7, 1999.

If true, it is an outrage and is further anecdotal evidence of the conspiratorial nature of the Bank of England gold sales and of the high level nature of the manipulation of the gold market. Nobody could be so lucky as to have made $100,000 on a $1,000 investment in cattle futures and then have someone else just happen to SHORT gold for them immediately prior to that extraordinary gold sale announcement.

The trading activity in a blind trust of a major public figure such as Hillary Clinton must be a matter of public record. It would be of help to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee if someone on the internet could help me access these records.

A matter of such sensitivity ought to warrant a statement by the Trustees and its auditors.

All the best,

Bill Murphy Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee http://www.lemetropolecafe.com http://www.gata.org

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), September 01, 1999.

Hey Liberty,,,

Take your ultra-right wing bullshit somewhere else. Other than your far leaning views, you have never given one reason why anyone concerned with the rollover should listen to your off-the-wall crap. Hole-up somewhere else asshole!

-- For (your@info.com), September 01, 1999.


Part of the reason we, the deleters, leave Liberty alone is, NOT that we agree, but that there are many folks out there that DO AGREE and his/her presence should be a cautionary tale (as it were) to ALL of the readers of the forum that this particular mindset is out there. There are MANY people out there that agree, and THEY are going to go through the saame Y2K you and I are. Y2K will NOT happen in a vaccum (or a vaccuum or vacuum or whatever. It's one of the few I can NEVER spell)


temporarily exposing a foot of clay, wishing for the nteenth time for a spellchecker.

-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), September 02, 1999.

We don't need no spellcheckers!

Liberty, don't you ever stop.

as Zac DeLaRoche said "I'm addicted to the truth"

-- R. Wright (blaklodg@hotmail.com), September 02, 1999.


That last post of yours was starting to look suspiciously similar to DiETeR speak. Watch out! Perhaps the PoDDinG process has already begun!


-- Pinkrock (aphotonboy@aol.com), September 02, 1999.

Another impeachment is a really big waste of time. There's only 4 months left. You can't impeach him within that time, and there wouldn't be much point to it anyway.

In less than 4 months, you'll have alot more to worry about than ol' Billybob.

-- (its@coming.soon), September 02, 1999.

Hey, I thought that on this forum Billy-boy WAS considered a definite Y2K threat, what with those EOs all lined up....

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), September 02, 1999.


If you have no information about Chinese bribery and espionage, you are asking the right question: "is this on-track?" Now the challenge for you is to craft your own answer with the finest material facts available to you, rather than accepting a knee-jerk response. Suppose, just suppose, that Clinton and the DNC were saturated with Chinese cash. Suppose that they clearly gave favors - even changed military policy (intervention in the Taiwan straight) at Chinese behest. Would this be of interest? Now add the possibility of confusion chaos due to Y2k, both in terms of the fog it will cast over geopolitical tensions (like Taiwan, Kashmir, the Koreas) and in terms of cities without power, water and telecommunications, the "national emergency" this would represent. "On track?" "Off track?" Ultimately, it's a matter of gathering the facts and deciding for yourself. Choosing not to gather the facts, to merely chime in with one side or the other, or to pretend it's not an issue, is still a choice. Maybe I'm making it up, or it's a false charge against the Pres. and the DNC. Find out.


Thanks for your kind words. Your graciousness and eloquence certainly shows me up for the raving fanatic I am.


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 02, 1999.


You're a long-timer, and in reading the archives, I've come to respect your opinion, so can you explain precisely what you imagine my "mindset" to be, and why my presence might be "cautionary?" (I'm not going to correct your spelling).

Add two simple questions:

Q: Did Clinton accept large amounts of money from the Communist Chinese or not? Q: Did Clinton provide extraordinary favors for the Communist Chinese, or not?

A not-so-simple question:

Q: Should we care about this, and, if answers to both above questions is affirmative, might it have anything to do with Y2k?


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 02, 1999.


I was not asking for deletis moderatos in my heated retort to Liberty. I agree with most that nothing (within reason) is off-topic on this forum (except maybe Al-d).


Your ultra right wing viewpoint may not align with mine, but that doesnt mean I dont agree in principle with much that you say. You struck a chord recently when you mentioned the Riady (SP?) group and their ties to WHC. What can you tell us about these folks? I have some interesting information but have no way of verifying. Has to do with the City of LA and a Japanese coal delivery contract.

-- For (your@info.com), September 02, 1999.


Let's focus here on our mutual interests, then. I encourage you to overcome your aversion for Jeffersonian democracy ("ultra-right-wing" in your book) enough at least to benefit from the good stuff that passionately informed conservatives have to offer. Hold your nose at the anti-Clinton, or even the anti-communist component if you must, but here is the dirt on Riady - and many others:

http://www.actionworks.org/guides/frlinks/timeline/china_time_1980s.ht m


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 03, 1999.

And if that is not enough>>

Mochtar Riady


http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp- srv/politics/special/campfin/players/riady.htm



Hope that helps.

-- R. Wright (blaklodg@hotmail.com), September 03, 1999.

R. Wright,

Nice catch. Interesting that the (Marxist) "Mother Jones" article omits Riady's Chinese espionage connection! Worth reading though. Left and Right, we all have our blind spots and when the situation demands it, we should be able to help eachother see.

Why isn't this the #1 news story? Why aren't the headlines screaming "OUR PRESIDENT HAS BEEN BOUGHT!"?

Here are a couple of good books on the general subject of Chinese money, espionage and payola:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0895263335/qid=936383948/sr=1-1 /002-4719071-6278060

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0895263173/o/qid=936384049/sr=2 -1/002-4719071-6278060

It's worth reading just the reader reviews for these at amazon. Especially the second one, "Betrayal."


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), September 03, 1999.

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