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Has anyone even done a rotary engine swap for 96? I know that some NSU rotary engined Ro80's were retro-fitted with Ford V-4's. These same Ro80's are now being retro-fitted with Mazda rotaries. It would seem that the V-4 and Mazda bell housings must be similar? I think that a rotary powered 96 would be a very cool machine with ties to Saabs old and new. The rotary is small, light, has no valve-train, is tuned by port alteration, and just seems "saab-like" in it's "jet-turbine" like rotary motion. Any thoughts? Just think, instead of your old beast going "ring-ding-ding", it would go "zing"!

-- Erik Cook (, September 01, 1999


The rotary would be great but how about a ford/capri 2.8, 2.9 or 4.0 v6 the bellhousing is the same. I worked in a Saab dealership years ago on sonnetts, 96's and 99.s. The other day while on my bike spotted a sonnett III in a garage an older guy was attempting to restore. Just an old mechanic with computer.

-- John Scibby (, September 15, 1999.

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