Y2K problems with Oregon DMV?

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I heard something on the radio today about the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles having Y2K problems. Have any other Oregonians heard about this? I did not catch the full story.

-- sammy (sam67@email.com), August 31, 1999


Yes, I heard the story on the news last night and again today. They said 4 people had tried to register their year 2000 cars, and the puters recorded them as 1900. They also said they expect it to be fixed by next week.

-- Stash (stashin@yahoo.com), September 01, 1999.

Here's an interesting little addition:

Even though I live in Wisconsiin, I still register my motorcycle in Oregon. (Not for $-reasons; it's a matter of PRIDE)

Normally, when you register your vehicle, the registration AND stickers are mailed in the same envelope. As a LIFELONG Oregon resident, I can attest to this.

THIS TIME, however, I got the stickers, along with a note that said "your registration will arrive 'later' ".

Isn't THAT interesting?

-- Dennis (djolson@pressenter.com), September 01, 1999.

About a year ago we took care of a patient with a relative who worked in the Oregon DMV. When we mentioned Y2K she laughed and laughed and said they're going to have a "Help Wanted" sign out for a long time to "Go Manual." Seems like we either hear defensive "We're fine, it's a hoax," or "Our dept. is a joke and will never make it."
Soon Enough Now

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), September 01, 1999.

The Statewide Year 2000 Completion Certification Report reports that Drivers Licenses & Permits and Titles and Rigistrations of the Department of Transportation in Oregon have a Moderate risk of failure. Only the State Police and Revenue are Certified Year 2000 ready.

High risk is reported in Veterans' Affairs, Administration Services and Education.

-- spider (spider@pacificwest.com), September 01, 1999.

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