Let me just tell you why I think we could be headed for disasterthis New Year

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The insidious creature breathes down the back of our neck again.

Oh, yes the ugly green-eyed monster has to suck our blood and empty our wallets.

Mouth watering for every piece of pie in the once free world.

No, I speak not of a space alien or creature of the deep.

I speak of our worst enemy.

Dubbed Uncle Sam, now nicknamed "the Monster", it is if you have not already guessed, The United States Government. The United States Government in my opinion has just got too big for their britches. The lawmakers are a bunch of blood sucking, greedy thieves.

Some examples of how I formed this opinion. Here are some facts; see if they disgust you as much as they do me:

 Senators voted themselves a lifelong pension to begin after only 6 years service, but left and continue to leave 39 million working American's without health insurance.  They tell us that we can only contribute 10k per year to our employer sponsored retirement plan (which in my opinion is in complete violation of our constitutional rights) and refuse to guarantee the money they steal under another unconstitutional mandate by the name Social Security.  Our ancestors fought and died for our independence from tyrannical government. What kind of government to we live under today? Although we enjoy several freedoms that were compromised in the governments of the past, we have also had others hastened that we used to enjoy.  They fought for the fundamental freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does anyone in our government of today believe in those words? I can make make a list mile long of all the mandates and laws that directly conflict with those fundamental rights.

 Abraham Lincoln stated in his famous Gettysburg Address that we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The only way we will ever see the integrity of government return and representatives be accountable for their actions would be engaging in another Civil War. This time the people against the government. We may just see that at the new millenium when the people see that the government cannot be trusted.

Of course I hope that the government hasn't lied about the great progress in Y2K remediation, I hope that I am wrong, but let's look at the record. Not to many truths have left the mouths of our leaders.

 Amazing how Mr. Clinton pulled a drag off a marajuana joint and didn't inhale? I mean what was the point, Bill?  What is this bull that we are forced to swallow lately with the presidential candidates answers on prior drug use. The answers are different every time. I just can't vote for anyone much less trust anyone currently holding office, who blatently lies and insults my intelligence.

Jesse Ventura the pro-wrestler, now governor of the state of Minnesota was asked about his drug use when campaigning, he told the truth, and wasn't asked again. The people may not like the truth, but the greater majority of us are smart enough to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. The politicians and government officials have spend so much time basking in the power trip that they have completely lost touch with the people of this great nation. Real people like you and me.

They are to busy taking bribes from every Tom, Dick and Harriet (have to be politically correct you know) and lining their pockets with gold. That's good for them since they made our paper money system worthless.

Just wait until the bubble bursts  and it will do you really think you can trust the government or the FDIC to return your money to you?

Alan Greenspan will be nowhere to be found retired an out of the public's view. Hiding away on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific is my guess.

The president will make a speech something to the effect of:

I would like to personally apologize to every American citizen  like Mr. Jones. I did inhale. And while under the influence, I lied  I told you your money was safest in the bank because I knew there wasn't enough money to give to all the people and now, well we just can't figure out whose money is whose because, well we lost all the computer data and well we thought maybe we would just say that you can get a discount on your federal income taxes this year. How's that? Please forgive me. I am really sorry but Monica made me do it!!!

-- Liz (Liz.Conti@pharma.com), August 31, 1999


IT has all been foretold.-in the BIBLE. we are entering those=day,s. GET IN THE ARK-OR-PERISH. hey' they laughed at NOAH.the rain is starting to fall=[world-in-distress] the WISE-MAN is prepared.

-- why be surprised? (dogs@zianet.com), August 31, 1999.

So long as there is such a thing as a "professional Politician", what do you expect?

-- Dave-Jackson (Dave @ hotmail.com), August 31, 1999.

Liz I agree completely. You think you have it bad. Look at the plight of the disabled people. My daughter suffers from depression and was declared to be eligible for social security disability based on 10 years employment history for that mainly due to poor memory and difficulty in concentrating. To remain eligibe she has a severe income limit something like $1200 a year. She recently had a $78,000 hospital bill for shock treatments. Social Security refused to pay even though she is on disability. Lets see now 78,000 divided by $1200 a year, it would take 60 years to pay this bill even if every dollar were applied to the bill with nothing for living expenses. She does not even get enough to live on. A neighbor is retarded. He gets much more than she does, has unlimited earnings and has a job washing dishes. He has an apartment and money to spare. Is this fair? He has no medical expenses. Different agency and different benefits. Why are benefits for mental problems less than for physical illnesses and less than for being retarded? No ryhme or reason for these differences. Government in action. Shame on Congress. Line their own pockets, provide pork for campaign donors and ignore the needs of the little people.

-- Tom (Tom@frustrated.gom), August 31, 1999.

Since when does the U.S. Constiution state we have to take care of depressed people. Have her start jogging, it does wonders.

-- fred (FRED@AOL.COM), August 31, 1999.


Ignore those without compassion. They aren't worth the effort.

-- R (riversoma@aol.com), August 31, 1999.

Yeah, but Al Gore invented the Internet! Those guys aren't all bad.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.com), August 31, 1999.

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