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Need ANY info on Mexican made Noba 5x7 Large format camera. Additionally, if anyone knows where I could purchase a complete camera , stand, or parts, please e-mail. Thank you.

-- Jeffrey Peterlin (, August 31, 1999


I have a Mexican made Noba 5x7 inches Large Format model. 1970 like new, with multiplying endorsement is for take in one shot 16 pictures of 2.5x3 centimeters or 8 picts. 3.5x5.5 or 4 picts. diploma size (6x9 cm) and postal size (12x18 cm. With one endorsement 6x9 centimeters. with one lens of 210mm shnahider all for us $2, 700.00 at $ 2, 500.00 dlls or offer.

-- Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez (, February 01, 2002.

i have a noba model #5 large format camera------on a stand with lenses and many accessories. please email me for more information and i will email you back with all of the details. thanks

-- mary quayle (, March 01, 2002.

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