Yes, I'd like to know too; who's responsable for adding games to TG_Mame? : LUSENET : TG MAME Discussions : One Thread

Some of the games I'd like to see are Pang, BloodBros, Puzzle Bobble (bust-a-move), Metal Slug, then I too would be champion in some of them .. (maybe;)

So who decides which MAME gamescores are and which are not published by TG and the Book of World Records..?

Bas de Reuver

-- Bas de Reuver (, August 31, 1999


I decide which games are included.

I'll consider all games for inclusion. Any suggestions of what you think the difficulty settings should be are welcome. Please keep in mind that marathoning should be made difficult or impossible by the settings.

I am always adding new games, but it's a slow process of experimenting and if more than one person (me) contributed, it would be faster ;-)

Sincerely, Mark

-- Mark Longridge (, September 01, 1999.


If you want some help identifying Dip Switch settings for games you might want to identify a list of games you're considering each month and get feedback from those who play them the most. This way you can work on a controlled amount to add each month and not get bombarded with 100's of emails identifying settings to use??

-- Stephen Knox (, October 04, 1999.

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